2000 Land Cruiser - new motor

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Jul 23, 2012
Hi there - my 2000 Land Cruiser's motor is toast and am considering my options. Does anyone have any recommendations on how I can go about sourcing a low mileage engine (100k miles or less)? My LC is a 2000, would the higher horsepower VVT engine used in 2005 and 2006 be a bolt in replacement (looking for a direct bolt in without any modification)? What year Tundra or Sequia engines would be a direct bolt in (if any)?

In the world of used car parts, searching and sourcing parts is pretty simple. Even shipping a whole motor across the US is no big deal for these guys that do it day in day out. The databases have attributes that will give you some indication of use part quality, and most have some startup warranty. Pulling and dropping in a motor is easy peasy too for mechanics.

Don't bother with trying to adapt a VVTi motor as it involves integration with the transmission/tranny ECU, and possibly some body wiring harness/body ECU adaptations as well.
X2^ It is so rare to hear of an engine failure I'm also interested in the particulars?

We've seen many that thought their engine was toast but found it just needed a new T-belt or had a stuck valve.
These guys post on the Sacramento craigslist all the time about rebuilt engines.

Never used them but worth reaching out to them if you cant find someone parting one out.

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