2/3FE hybrid, desmog questions

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Jun 15, 2005
The Intarwebs

i am finally sorting out the body harness on the 3FE. i am trying to hybrid a 2F with a 3FE head. so far, the wiring mess isnt as messy as i thought it would be.

i need to know if you can de-smog a 3FE and keep it running. do i need the EGR/EGR vsv? what about the FPU vsv? AI vsv?

i wonder if a lack of speed sensor with screw it up.... i figure the system in closed loop should be able to handle most anything though, shouldnt it?

the wiring diagram i have shows a CA version with an EGR, and a fed version without. do i need to keep the EGR stuff to keep the computer working?

an '82 2F is the target block. now i just have to figure out what compression i will have once i mate the two. any ideas on that one?

thanks for the help. when i get my act together, i will start taking photos for future generations...

any ideas? forseen disasters?



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