1st Annual CSC Summer Party?

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Mar 10, 2004
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Yesterday at the lake Jennifer asked me had CSC ever thought of a summer party. Almost every time we are at the lake we see the rental party boat. The party boat is equipped with a BBQ, bathroom, and slide. Others could bring personal water toys and boat to add the entertainment. Bartlett IMO is one of the scenic lake around and least crowded. I was able yesterday the 4th of July to go full speed end to end without any problems.

I'm interested the Zozi is a little up there in price though
I can steal the girls pool rafts. Someone could tow me (although I might be more of an anchor!)
I'm thinking jet ski rental. Personal watercraft sound like a fun addition to a party barge.
I really liked Bartlet when we had our boat a few years back. Looks like Zozi is rented out every Saturday through mid September. Most Sunday's appear to be available. All I could contrupibute to water toys is a 14' tin fishing boat with an electric trolling motor, weeeeeee.:)
All I could contrupibute to water toys is a 14' tin fishing boat with an electric trolling motor, weeeeeee.:)

All I've got it a 12' aluminum boat with a electric trolling motor and Nissan 9.8 gas motor. Bought it three years ago and haven't used it yet. Probably time to move it on to the next owner or possibly back to my buddy I bought it from. That conversion has already started.:)
Option and a ghetto one at that :eek: CSC could buy a bunch of noodles and have our 1st annual noodle gayla

I think CSC needs a Toyota ski boat!

I been looking for one

CSC would much better served with a deck boat;)

Anyone interested in this for 13,995.00 :D with capacity of 14

Lexus not included but available

Noodle party? I think this is more CSC's style.:hillbilly:

...... I'm going through my water pumps and looking for an inverter right now. :hmm::hillbilly:
I have a knee board I can donate to the club.

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