1HZJ76 flywheel replacement with a 300mm. (1 Viewer)

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Jan 8, 2004
Hey all
My HzJ76 has a 275 mm clutch and when I replaced the R151 gearbox with a real H150, I had to look around a bit to find a 275 clutch plate to suit the 32mm 14 spline of the H150
and go under the 275 clutch cover. I used a combination of Exedy cover and Asin (Toyota) plate, and had the flywheel skimmed. 30 K later I am getting a shudder only when the engine/drive chain is hot, when pulling off or trying to park. ( Usually with people watching).

300mm kits are a lot easyer to find ( and they can take a bit more punishment) I have heard that a 300mm flywheel will fit an HZ engine without modifications to the starter or ring gear.
these flywheels would be from an HD or an 80 series HZ motor.
Can anyone confirm this please, or let us know your experiances.
I've just picked up a H152 from a VDJ79 complete with clutch, flywheel and other bits, keen to know this for sure also before I go changing input shafts over to a shorter 14 spline HDJ80 input shaft!
This suggests it's OK...
Yes. The 275 and 300mm flywheels are dimensionally identical except for the dowels.

I am running a 1HDT into an r151 with a 21 spline 300 mm clutch and pressure plate (Exedy ISD136U, for Isuzu). It works well.

Truck was built by @rick_d who can comment further, I’m sure.

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