1HDT stalled and won’t start. (1 Viewer)

Dec 25, 2010
Camas, WA/Portland
I am relatively new to diesel cruisers and ran into an issue that left me stranded on the way into work today.

The rig is an FJ62 with a 1HDT swap. I changed the fuel filter, following the FSM instructions. I installed it dry and pumped the primer for a while, it never seemed to increase in firmness. The first startup was a little rough but smoothed out within a few seconds. When I got about a mile from home it stalled and would just crank.

I tried the hand primer some more, still nothing. Pulled the filter and it was full of diesel. I pulled the fuel line going into the IP and pumped with only a slight bit of diesel coming out of hose. Should it be a hefty squirt?

Cracked open the lines to the injectors and cranked it and barely got any fuel.

The obvious would be a failed hand primer but would this cause what I described? Most everything is new/rebuilt within the past year.


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