1HDT low cylinder compression test

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Jan 9, 2015

So this is my first post and I am by no means a mechanic so forgive me if I don't use the correct terminology.

I just got my Landcruiser back from the mechanic and he is saying it needs a rebuild.

I believe there is something going on but not everything he is saying makes sense to me

My cruiser is a 1995 HZJ 75 with an 1HDT engine, the main issue I am having trouble understanding is he believes there is a internal problem so he conducted a compression test the readings were as follows

1/300psi 2/280psi 3/280psi 4/240psi 5/280psi 6/220psi

Now he only has an issue with number 6 which he says is were the problem is and he needs to pull the engine apart to see what is wrong with it.

From what I have read and understand anything below 356psi is to low which puts all my readings way under.

Any ideas why all cylinders would read so low?

There has always been some blow by and and oil leaks every mechanic till now has said that is normal the car seems to be running fine to me.
Min pressure 356psi
Difference between cylinders 71psi
Try adding oil to each cylinder and retest: If numbers go up chances are your rings or cyl bore is worn.
If adding oil does nothing chances are valves...gasket?

At least do #6
If your vehicle is a HZJ75, then the 1HDT has been swapped into it? HZJ75 indicates it would have been built with a 1HZ.

Do you know the history of the engine? Before embarking on a rebuild, perhaps have the compression tested by a third party?
The guy I bought the car off swapped the engine out I have all the paperwork. I was going to get another mechanic to to the compression test. Would the engine appear to be running fine with such low compressions?

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