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Jan 11, 2011
Just think that is someone will go my way:

Swapping 1FZ-F (carburetor version) to 1HD-FT

I did this swap as friend of mine decided to do a long range to Nepal and Thailand from Russia and decided that he needs brand new engine for that trip and sold me a good runner for a dime. The price for FT was less than 2K$. So it was a luck.

So he had 80 97 year made auto.
I got the engine and engine itself sits on the 80's frame with no modification unless it is 3F version. (3F has different engine mounts)

so what you will need for clean swap:
1. Engine with all bells and whistles
2. Rear engine cover part number 11355-17011 this is for sticks*** (you do not need to replace it if swapping on auto)
3. Flywheel part number 13405-17020
4. Bellhousing from manual part number 31111-60210, accordingly with fork 31204-36110 and bearing 31230-60180
5. Bracket for fuel filter 23904-17011
6. Fuel filter top with heating element 23380-17271
7. Shrouds for the petrol and diesel are different as well as the radiators themselves. Petrol 16711-66030, and we need diesel one 16711-17011 as it shifted a bit.
8. Exhaust is different we need 17401-17051 rest you can keep
9. PS tubing is different we need 44416-60310 ( the old can be kept with bending) and 44411-60480 definitely needs to be replaced.
10. Air filter to turbo ducts 17881-17010, 17882-17010, and transition piece 17885-17010
11. Radiator hoses 16572-17010, 16571-17010
12. Heater houses 87208-60320, 87245-60320, 87209-60360
13. Air filter housing 17700-17180
14. Tacho needs to be replaced 83242-6A260

Engine cushions are the same.
Clutch disk can be saved if from H151F if H150 it needs to be replaced with new disl as the flywheel of FT is bigger.

To avoid hassle of 12/24 volts starter system there is the great option to replace the starter with starter from 1HD-FTE from 100 series they are direct 12 volt. Just bear in mind that most of petrol 80s do not have starter relay so for the diesel it is a MUST. Otherwise you will end up melting, burning contacts in the lock switch.

Right now I still have not connected heating grid and the AC as I have figured out interesting moments and am working on these issues. As soon as I will solve them is will put them out here what needs to be done.
Jan 11, 2011
I got FT mount and 4 compressors from FT, FZ, and HD and FTE - to my bad luck they are all different, kind of screwed me down. After lurking around, decided to go with Mercedes compressor from large passenger van. It's also Japanese made Nissen with Denso clutch and requires some milling and machining. Hoping to get better cooling as new mercedeses. :)
On the left merc's and on the right FZ's for two cooler and fridge box equipped vehicle.


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