1999 runs, dies P 0335 code

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Oct 18, 2015
Northlake, Texas
1999 lx470 265k. so, will run fine for a day no problems.. Next day driving around, puledl into a drive thru order food and die. wont start. get it out of the way (heavy ass truck when pushing) go thru basics pull the efi fuse and relay (recently cleaned the contacts etc) still no start. remove fuel line from filter wife hits key, have fuel. put it back together after 45mins vroom starts. drive 3 miles stalls. wont restart walk home (2miles) wife said it started and drives up before I could truck (30mins) gets into neighborhood and dies. so drag it home from there. wont start in driveway. let it sit for a couple hours and fires up.

Full tank of fuel etc. did the fuel pump fuse, and relay. all good there. fuel filter not that old. As wife was cranking i pinched off the return line and no difference, just cleaned MAF and TB ran great afterwards for a week, then this. No codes to catch.. can push the fuel pressure regulator screw down with my finger and as cranking can hold it down as it trys to pop up.

So in my thoughts on my lovely walk, FUEL PUMP? Thinking its getting hot and shutting down, yet cools enough after sitting to start back up. Or pressure regulator? What is the fuel pressure supposed to be on these, I can hook gauges up and see if it is there or not..

(More info posted further down)
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Check your crank sensor wires and the ground on the back of the engine.
After spending the better part of yesterday on this thing, starting up running 10-15mins then dies be it sitting or driving, cranks no start. leave sit a couple hours, starts runs again for a bit then dies, then crank no start. after a day of this was finally able to get a code P0335 yup that code.
During down time is the computer resetting itself. Even after clearing the code still cranks but no start until later.

So I spent today removing the harness from the crank sensor, and pull it up to the top going every inch of the harness. nothing no nick, splay, fray nothing. for giggles opened up the cam sensor timing chain cover. Nothing as well. put it all back triple checking clearances etc fires right up taking about 2 second crank time. shut it off starts shut it off starts. start it up as I finish buttoning a couple things on it, back it out of garage pull it to its parking spot, and it dies again.

Could it actually be a sensor? how to test the sensor if so is there an ohm range for them?
thanks guys

Also went and sanded all grounds, terminals, dielectric greased them, same with power cables, connectors.
let it sit last night for about an hr came back out and started. had P 0335 code again, but no showing the check engine light on with it. Im using an OBDLinkMX+ to scan with.
and shameless plug to bump to top..
$100 part, just replace? 90919-A5001
Found Crank Sensor OHM specs. Cold1630-2740ohms, Hot 2065-3225ohms mine was batting 1000ish cold. changed sensor out and so far so good.

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