For Sale 1997 tan leather seat (front pass)

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Wow, I’d have thought more people would be interested in a super clean leather seat. What am I missing?!



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I'm thinking your link is incorrect & that may be why you're not getting the interest you were expecting. For me, it doesn't go to the listing, just an Ebay page of recently viewed items.
Bump - Ebay auction ending today at noon.
Your link doesn't work, also the leather is cracked and stock power seats of this age can be problematic. At 185 for 1 seat, it's pretty much worth me retrofitting more comfortable seats from another model.

Parts alone are worth more that $185.00 (seatback, headrest, etc.). Plus, it allows someone with a rip in their passenger seat to retain the OEM look, which is valuable to a few people.

Thanks for taking the time to add your input.

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