For Sale 1997 Lexus LX450 with Diff Locks

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United States
Hi all, it was recommended to me from a fellow forum member to list my 80 series here to sell... A quick rundown of my truck: its a 1997 with ~196k miles with every option available. rear, center, and front locking differentials. sunroof works as it should, 3rd row seats look brand new. Ive owned it for the past 2 years and have since put on about 30k miles, but ive know the truck since new. In any event, its completely original and unmolested. the exterior is great with no dings or dents on the body. Front bumper has a dent (an ARB will solve this, lol) hood paint has faded and could do with a respray (no body work required). inside is clean and well maintained (passenger seat has a slight tear where stitching on seat bottom (was quoted $40 to get it stitched back up from an interior shop Unfortunately my truck fell victim to the nylon bolt flaw on the drivers seat, and i never got around to changing it. all 4x4 components work as it should. was always serviced and maintained. recent service includes all fluids, new plugs, ignition wires and distributor. you surely won't be disappointed with this rig... Does not leak any fluids!!!
selling because my wife recently got a new truck and we need to clear out the driveway, yet she refuses to use her new truck to take the kids to school and still uses this one because she says its a tank, lol... i thought i would have built it and trail with it, but we have the can am maverick and commander for that...

Im asking 8k OBO
please call or text 407-222-1160
truck is located in Central Florida





Is the LC a life long florida vehicle or has it spent time in the ice and snow? What central Florida town are you near?

This is on Ebay too. It looks like it was in PA until 2013. I can see rust on the running boards but there are no undercarriage pics.
I did buy it in 2013 and brought it down to florida, but ive known the vehicle since new. It was previously owned by a retired couple who maintained it very well... the running boards were always a problem on the 80 series, but the chassis is otherwise in excellent condition. the reason there are no undercarriage pics is because i was limited to 5 pics when i placed the listing, but if you provide your email, id be more that happy to send them to you. all the best,

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