For Sale 1996 FZJ80 For Sale, Tampa Florida

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United States

I am enlisting in the Army in January. Would like to sell this Land Cruiser before i leave. Willing to trade for a FJ40, FJ45, FJ55, FJ60, or Tacoma.

140 pictures located here:

1996 FZJ80 Land Cruiser 167k Miles - Rebuilt Top End at 160k miles.

Owner History:
I am the 3rd owner.
First owner lived in Boulder CO, had it for 3 years.
Second owner bought it and drove it to Tampa Florida, owned it for 10 years. He was a Toyota Certified Mechanic, and Land Cruiser fanatic.
I have owned it for a year now. I absolutely love it, but really could use a pickup bed again. I use the Cruiser as a daily driver and to haul my kayaks and mountain bikes.
Carfax shows a minor fender bender from the first owner, she bumped into a car when pulling into a parking spot, there was a scuff on the stock bumper, no other damage what so ever, i still have the stock front bumper and it is in good condition. Title is clean and clear and i have it on hand.

Factory options:
AM/FM/Cassette/CD Audio System
Alloy Wheels
Burlwood Dash- most of it has come off
Keyless Entry System
Leather Shift Knob Trim
Power Driver's Seat
Power Moonroof
roof rack
Trailer Hitch
Anti-Theft Alarm System
Leather Seating
Leather Steering Wheel Trim
Power Front Passenger Seat
Privacy Glass with factory tint
Running Boards
third row seat
all windows etched with vin from new

Color is White, some may call it Expedition White, one of the most popular FZJ80 colors.
Pretty much all original and fully loaded from factory. Stock wheels, stock running boards, original fender flares, stock roof rack, rear tail gate wind deflector, tow hitch.
I have added, ARB winch ready bull bar, it is less than 4 months old. Thule roof rack load bars. Hella 4000 Driving lights.
The paint is original and i guess had some defects over the years because the past owner sprayed some white spray paint on the front fender flares and on the front of the hood, please see pictures. It is hardly noticable from 3-4 feet away. I think it could buff out good. There is 1 dent on the passenger side rear door that is very minor, and a couple scratches here and there around the cruiser from normal wear and tear, it has never been offroad that i know of. All lights have been replaced and working perfect. Zero body, suspension or frame rust. Rear bumper has a scuff on the driver side, i have no idea what from.. see pictures. Swapped out all the gold emblems to chrome. Could use a rear Land Cruiser tailgate decal, it is faded.

Interior is grey in color.
Probably one of the best interiors i have seen. The drivers seat only shows some slight wear on the left side and the dash bezels have some scuffs from removing the wood trim. A new wood trim set would cover up the marks. The rest of the leather interior is in excellent condition!! I was extremely impressed with how well the interior was taken care of. The head liner is perfect, the carpet is good. All windows open and close good. Scan Gauge II mounted with velcro above steering wheel column. Stock radio works awesome. Sony xplod speakers added in front doors, they sound awesome. CB radio added in ash tray slot, still needs to be wired up. All interior lights work. Power Sunroof works excellent and does not leak.

All stock. Does make a little squeak over rough roads, it is the driver side front shock. I was waiting to fix it once i added an OME lift kit, but never got to yet. All joints and fittings have been greased and maintained. Past owner said the front and rear axle was rebuilt a year ago. I just put new toyota front brake pads on. Brakes work very good, looks like a new master cylinder.
Tires are BF Goodrich All Terrains, 285/75R16, they have 75% tread left. Zero body, suspension or frame rust.
All drivetrain fluids replaced with Mobil 1 Synthetic.

Now to the good stuff.
My headgasket blew about 3-4 months ago. I spent $2500 on the headgasket adventure, and every single part that was replaced was always replaced with Toyota parts and most of it came from CDan. I have all the reciepts for proof. Every single nut and bolt was touched on this engine, every single part taken off this engine was deep cleaned or replaced as needed. I replaced the entire engine wiring harness from the ECU all the way to each sensor on the engine with a brand new Toyota wiring harness. Engine runs great! Much more power than before. I have put 4k miles on the engine since the rebuild, and 2.5k of it was on a long trip. All drivetrain fluids replaced with Mobil 1 Synthetic.

Everything that was done:
New head bolts
Oil Cooler - cleaned
Oil Pump seal - replaced new Toyota
Crankshaft Seal - replaced new Toyota
water pump - replaced new Toyota
fan clutch - cleaned
PHH - replaced with Silicone green strip hose and breeze torque clamps
Oil pans - cleaned
Engine overhaul gasket kit - all new gaskets installed new Toyota
injectors - cleaned but did not get tested, they worked perfect.
Timing chain tensioner - replaced new Toyota
fuel filter - replaced new Toyota
cylinder head- decked, valve seals, 3 angle valve job
dist. Cap, rotor, plugs, wires - replaced new Toyota
coolant hoses - replaced and added breeze torque clamps
PCV/hose/bypass hose - replaced new Toyota
VCV - replaced new Toyota
Thermostat - replaced new Toyota
Radiator - replaced new Toyota
Starter - cleaned
Alternator - cleaned
throttle body - cleaned
O2 sensors, both - replaced new Toyota
Entire new engine wiring harness from ECU to engine sensors and down to transmission. new Toyota
Top and bottom intake runners - cleaned inside and out
New exhaust header bolts and nuts- new Toyota
New serpentine belts- new Toyota
New vacuum hoses- new Toyota
New gas cap- new Toyota

The Bad:
Keep in mind this is a 14 year old vehicle.
As mentioned above, paint has some minor defects from spray paint spots, please see pictures. Drivers side seat has some minor wear. I am getting a P0401 EGR flow code on the scan gauge and i have not been able to find out why, it is a code a lot of people get and they just ignore it. Could use a new under hood mat, it has some tears. Driver side front shock has a squeak.

This Cruiser overall is an excellent driver, i drive it daily and not afraid to take it anywhere. I took it for a long trip a couple weeks after i finished the headgasket. Drives 70-75mph on the highway excellent. Average 13.5-14 MPG.

Asking $8,500.

Located in Tampa Florida, come by for a test drive. I am being as honest as possible with my description, i am human and if i might of missed something, i will add it in the ad. I will help load the vehicle if you plan on shipping it, but you must make the arrangements.

Feel free to call me at 813-335-1874


pictures to follow:
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how many miles on it?? and pics- of course!

Miles just added. Pictures to come later, im at work ;)
No lockers
Grey interior
Miles just added. Pictures to come later, im at work ;)

It has been raining 2 days straight now, i will take pictures as soon at it clears up.

Here is a picture i took when i installed the ARB bumper, not very clear picture of the Cruiser, but its all i have on my work computer.
bump bump
still for sale? any more pics??
Yes it is still for sale, sorry havnt had time to take photos, i will keep trying
Hello, very interested in the bug. pm sent
sorry everybody, i have been too focused on selling my FJ40, now that it is gone i can focus on the FZJ80.

i took this photo real quick for a full shot of the vehicle during a break in the rain.
bump, extra info added and new lower price, $9000
bump, anyone wonna trade me for a pickup???????

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