1996 FJ80 Noob Intro

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Jun 4, 2019
Denver, CO
Hola from the desert Southwest. I plunged into the Land Cruiser wormhole just a couple of weeks ago; purchased a ‘96 FJ80. No, it doesn’t have factory lockers...

Been dabbling on these forums for (in)formal education on the Land Cruiser, shopping OEM parts and DIY fixes. So, thank you all for the information!

Decided to purchase my next favorite Toyota vehicle so that I’m not dependent on my work vehicle 7 days a week. Plus, its standard cab is no good for child safety seats. Been shopping around for an early-80’s Toyota 4x4 P/U (you know, the old 22R engine) for years and finally wrote that idea off since they’re not conducive to hauling toddlers around. So, I tripped and fell into this quagmire of Land Cruiser madness.

My new vehicle spent its first 20 years in Southern California with two owners. When I bought it a couple of weeks ago, I became owner number four. My trusted mechanic gave it a thorough going over and agreed to work on it moving forward - since it isn’t a rust bucket (his words). After a few new seals and gaskets, new transmission filter kit and fluid, new tires, and slight cosmetic work on the RF fender, she’s home sweet home - much to my wife’s chagrin.

My plan going forward is to replace worn out parts and pieces with as much OEM products as I can find. Little stuff like window moulding, bumper corners, louvers, steering wheel and shift knob covers, etc. I did, however, change tire size from the stock 275 70/16 to 265 70/16. I didn’t like the offerings in the stock size, so I decided on Falken Wilderness AT3W. So far, so good.

Current upgrades in progress are adding in some missing exterior mouldings and an upgraded subwoofer bracket from Whole Hog Technology. Soon, I’ll be upgrading speakers and head unit to something more modern and easy to read without glasses.

I also just learned about the “clubs” section here on the site. So, any recommendations for gatherings in the Phoenix area, please share.

I hope this post is sufficient enough for an introduction. I look forward to interacting here with you all and possibly crossing paths in the future!
Welcome to Mud, since you asked about clubs, you should think about joining Copper State Cruisers, they hold meetings once month, most of the time the meetings are held in Tempe. AZ- Copper State Cruisers
‘96 FZJ80.
No, it doesn’t have factory lockers...

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