1994 fzj80 with lockers

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  1. Koffer


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    Jul 14, 2003
    Hopewell NJ 08525
    Im posting this for a person who knows Im into Landcruisers.

    I only looked at it from the outside but if needed i can always take a closer look if someone needs me to .
    Stats :
    1994 fzj80
    white with gray leather
    factory alarm
    wood trimed dash
    brush guard
    3rd row seat
    99k miles
    new tie rods and ends (toyota)
    new relay rod with ends (toyota)
    hitch (aftermarket)
    toyota running boards
    toyota roof rack
    wind deflector on rear hatch and sun roof
    one small dent on rear drivers side next to the marker light
    looks like it hasnt had any body work
    very clean underside, just road grime ,no rust
    looks to never have been off road
    has a cellphone ant in roof in back of the rack (good spot for GPS one)
    knuckles looked dry from what I could see
    The only thing that i could see that had been changed on the outside is the windsheild
    VIN #JT3D81W8R0080830
    Its in Trenton NJ
    the person's name is Anthony
    he asking $14,900
  2. GUAC


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    Apr 15, 2003
    Gap, Pa
    Sounds like what I'm looking for.
    Price seems salty though.
    Todd, What kind of prices are you seeing for 93-94 80's ( lockers,<100k) in the North Jersey, New York area?
  3. Koffer


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    Jul 14, 2003
    Hopewell NJ 08525
    Hey Bob
    This is about right for the price around here. I got a 96 about a month ago and its not as clean on the underside as this one but mine was also closer to the coast.
    The center caps and clear coat on the rims is better then mine so if it saw alot of winter use it was cleaned on a very reg basis after.
    I would have bought this one if it had been around last month but thats the name of the game. :(
    There was a 97 with 82k on it that had some "interesting" (no one knew anything about it :rolleyes: ) body work done to it and was sold for $17900 last week
    The 80s dont seem the have as much of a rust problem around here as the 60s and the 40s do (only seen one rusty 80 :pand that was beat to death be a contactor)

    Most of the stuff north of here has more city driving under there belt also.

    HTH some
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