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Feb 5, 2010
Lafayette, IN
United States
1994 FZJ80 Lockers, Lifted, Slee Goodies *New Price 9-18-11*

NEW PRICE 9-18-11

Well, it's time to officially put my cruiser up for sale. I bought it as pretty much a play toy to be taken camping, off-roading and light around town duty. And it did all of those things very well. But as it usually does, life changed. I lost my job along with my company car so the LC turned into my DD. And when I got a new job, it was 60 miles away with no company car, so the LC was getting a lot more miles than I had planned. Basically, I've put about 18k miles on her in the last 7 months. She may be big, but she can do the miles, that's for sure. But right now I'm just looking for something smaller as I can't afford to buy 2 cars, and I really don't want to put all these miles on the cruiser. So even though I know I'm going to regret it, it's time to pass her on to someone else who can use her for what she was built to do....

**Update** Price Lowered! Valve Cover Gasket replaced, Mobile 1 oil change, tires rotated, and full chassis lube over Labor Day weekend. Truck is ready to go for a new owner. I've bought my next car and the Landcruiser needs to go. Unfortunatly I dont have room at my new apartment for 2 vehicles. Pretty much looking for a cash sale at this time, but still possibly open to a trade on a sport/sport-touring bike + cash. $7200 OBO Located in Lafayette, IN (1hr NW of Indianapolis). Willing to meet buyer 1/2 way (within reason) for gas $$.

1994 Toyota Land Cruiser $7200 OBO *Lafayette, IN*
  • 171,xxx miles
  • White Exterior/Gray Leather Interior
  • Power Locks, Windows, Mirrors, Moonroof
  • Factory Locking Diffs Front/Center/Rear including Center Diff Lock Switch
  • 35 inch 315/75-16 Firestone Destination MT Tires (aprox. 50% tread left) on custom 16 inch black steel wheels
  • 6+ inch OME/Slee lift
    • Current standing lift height is 6 1/4 inch front and 6 5/8 inch rear - slight stinkbug, but not bad, should level out with an aftermarket rear bumper or front spring spacers
  • OME Competition Series 420/423 lift springs
  • Many Parts from Slee-Offroad Including
    • Front DC Driveshaft
    • Adjustable Rear Upper Control Arms w/New Toyota OEM Bushings
    • Front Adjustable Panhard Bar w/New Toyota OEM Bushings
    • Rear Adjustable Panhard Bar w/New Toyota OEM Bushings
    • Front and Rear Swaybar Drop Brackets
    • Extended Brake Lines
    • OME L Series Shocks
    • Steering Damper
    • Slee Headlight Harness (and silverstar headlights)
  • Castor Correction is in check by using Front Control Arm Drop Brackets along with Yellow Castor Correction Bushings
  • ARB Front Winch Bumper (winch not installed)
    • IPF 800xs Auxilary Lights Mounted on Bumper
  • Safari Snorkel
  • Diff and Trans breathers extended into the engine bay as high as possible
  • Newer JVC Headunit with Integrated IPOD Control and Front Infinity Speakers
    • IPOD Hookup in Glovebox
  • In-Dash Cobra CB Radio installed below JVC Radio
  • Husky Floor Liners for Front and Center Rows (Gray) and Rear Cargo Area (Black)
  • 15lb Ultimate Air Co2 Tank for airing up tires/powering air tools, etc
  • Flowmaster 3-inch Custom Made Cat-Back Exhaust with 50 series Muffler (nice growl around town, but quiet at speed)
  • Custom Fit Seat Covers (Black) for Front and Center Rows
    • Fronts have the Toyota symbol and "Land Cruiser" embroidered in red.
  • I have a box full of spares (u-joints, vacuum hoses, nuts/bolts, etc) plus a spare front driveshaft that comes with the truck
Maintenance Completed -
  • New Radiator (CSF), Themostat, Rad Hoses 08/09
  • Blue Fan Clutch 08/09
  • New Vacuum hoses on EGR System 08/09
  • New OEM O2 Sensors 10/09
  • New EGR and EGR Modulator 10/09
  • New Oil Pressure Sender(30lbs@idle,80lbs@3k rpm) 11/09
  • Trans Flush and fill with Synthetic 04/10
  • Front and Rear Diffs Flush and fill with Synthetic 04/10
  • Cleaned Sunroof Drains 04/10
  • New Air Filter 05/10
  • Alternator Rebuilt 07/10
  • New Alternator Belts and AC Belt 07/10
  • Front Axle service including new bearings 10/10
  • Front and Rear Diff flush and fill with Synthetic 10/10
  • Transfer Case Flush and fill with Synthetic 10/10
  • Valve Cover Gasket replaced 09/11
  • Oil Changed Every 6k miles with MOBIL 1 0w-40
  • Front and Rear Driveshafts, Chassis, and Knuckes (if needed) Lubed every 3k miles
  • Tires Rotated every 3k miles
The Bad -
  • The sensor for the front locker is bad.....The locker locks fine and can be tested, but the light in the dash blinks like its not locked, even if it is - Sensor may just need cleaned, maybe replaced, not really sure, but I rarely use the front locker and it's very obvious from the steering when it's locked, so i've never messed with it - Rear works fine
  • AC needs to be recharged - It worked fine when I bought it, but got progressivley less cool as summer went on and I finally just quit using it
  • Truck currently has a CEL - needs a new vsv
  • There is 1 crack on the top of the dash above the gauges - right in the center , goes front to back, about 4 inches long - was like that when I bought the truck and I've used cleaners and lubes on the dash frequently to try and help prevent other cracks in the future
  • Drivers side seat bottom has cracks in the leather - They are not very noticable with the seat covers, but they are there. The upright part of the drivers seat has no rips or tears, only the bottom cushion. All other leather seats are in excellent condition with no rips, tears or cracks. Front drivers side bottom seat cover also starting to wear from the cracks in the leather rubbing it.
  • There is a small dent in the rear bumper and bottom passenger side of tailgate. Its hardly noticable unless you know its there. Looks like PO backed into a small tree. Also a couple very small dents in the hood, maybe the size of a silver dollar - again, not very noticable and these could probably be pulled out easily
  • There is a crack in the sunroof glass - PO says it was professionally sealed and i've never had any issues with it leaking since I've had it
  • Truck has some very, very minor underbody rust. Mostly just the axles have some slight surface rust on them where the paint has worm through. Has only been through one Indiana winter. The body is completely rust free
  • There are a few "Pin Stripes" and a few minor scratches from branches but they are almost unnoticable (mainly seen on the black pillars between the windows) and could probably be buffed out easily
  • Needs a new speed sensor at the transfer case. Speedo sometimes works, sometimes dosen't. I always have my gps in the truck, so I've just been using it for an accurate speed reading. Does not effect the works fine 100% of the time
Thats about all I can think of for now. I've tried to be very detailed and honest about the truck, I want you to buy it and be happy with it not have any surprises. I would be interested in a trade for a motorcycle in the $3-4k range plus cash. I'd love another Honda VFR, or a Honda RC51, but will consider other sport/sport-touring bikes too. Again, just email me what you have, you never know. No cruiser motorcycles though, please.

If you have any questions, or would like more pictures, please email me at

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Feb 5, 2010
Lafayette, IN
Here are some interior pics......

Note......The seat covers look purplish in the pics, but they are black.
Jan 12, 2006
Richmond, VA
Nice, I see my old rigs pop up all the time. The truck was great for me and then sold to zombified and now to you. I'd buy it back if the timing was better. Bump.
Feb 5, 2010
Lafayette, IN
Friday night bump.

For those who have asked, I'm not parting anything out on the truck. It either sells/trades complete or I'll hold onto it and keep on driving it.

And good call on the undercarrige shots, Brent. I actually meant to do that a few days ago and totally forgot. I'll try to get some up tommorow or sunday.
Apr 5, 2006
That locker sensor is the same as the reverse light sensor in a bunch of minitrucks. It's not cheap from Toyota though...

Bump for a really nice rig!
Feb 5, 2010
Lafayette, IN
Thanks for the info Fast Eddie! I thought I had cruiserdan price it out for me a little over a year ago, but maybe I'm thinking of something else I ordered. Anyway, for me, its never been a big deal. Its totally obvious when the front locker is engaged anyway, and for as few times as I actually use it, its never been worth messing with it.
Feb 18, 2011
Centennial, CO
Thanks for the info Fast Eddie! I thought I had cruiserdan price it out for me a little over a year ago, but maybe I'm thinking of something else I ordered. Anyway, for me, its never been a big deal. Its totally obvious when the front locker is engaged anyway, and for as few times as I actually use it, its never been worth messing with it.
I had my truck into the shop today with some other service and had the same question except mine is with the back locker. They threw it up on the rack and checked it and it was a problem with the sensor. The locker engaged but the light still blinked. He showed me where the sensor was but like you, im not messin with it. No biggie, as long as the locker works.

Sweet Truck. Good luck with the sale.
Feb 5, 2010
Lafayette, IN
Sorry for the delay, but here are some undercarriage shots. The majority of the undercarriage is pretty much rust free, but I've tried to get a couple pics of the worst of the surface rust that is present. Keep in mind, this has all appeared within the last winter season, the underside was completely rust free before that. So it should be pretty easy to get it off and throw on a new coat of paint.

Pic #1 - Axles - Light surface rust has appeared on both the front and rear axles. Front axle is pictured and rear axle has a similar amount. Also note a small amount of surface rust has started on the front control arms but is minimal.

Pic #2 - Front Control Arm Drop Brackets - These are by far the worst pieces on the undercarriage. Not sure if they had a bad paint coat when new or what, but most of the paint has worn off of both brackets and been replaced by a layer of surface rust. You can also see the small amount on the control arm mentioned in pic #1.

Pic #3 - Frame/Lower Rear Control Arm - This is just a pic to show that everything else under the truck is for the most part is rust-free. There are some other small spots of surface rust here and there on the undercarriage, but pretty much everything else is clean. Frame is perfect. Besides the Front control arm drop brackets, I think most of the surface rust on the front/rear axles and the front control arms was caused from paint getting worn off of those pieces while off-road from branches, weeds, rocks, etc, and then the rust showed up when I had to drive the truck this winter.

Body is 100% Rust-Free!

I've had a lot of offers for interesting trades so far, but still haven't found that perfect car I'd be willing to trade the LC for. Again, if you are interested in my LC and have a car/truck/suv/motorcycle to trade, even if its something I didn't list, go ahead and email/PM me the details of what you have. You never know what I might go for. :p
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