1993 FZJ70 Ebay scam?

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Sep 27, 2009
N.B., Canada (east coast)

Seller says it a 93 with front end off a newer 70 but the interior looks more modern also no? Plus I thought they were different widths and not interchangeable? I dunno but I'd be weary of that sale ..
The newer front end can definitely be swapped on to an older cruiser, and I believe the same goes for the dash. However, the VIN shows a 2/85 build date. Hard to tell but I think it has coils on the front also; again, possible to convert an old one but I’d be suspicious based on the VIN.
Plus I thought they were different widths and not interchangeable?

You can swap the panels but the old chassis is narrower and wont take the V8 diesel. The new v8 chassis flares out when it gets to the engine bay.
Buying that would be a risky proposition without a full explanation. But having a build date of 85 when it states 93 on the ebay ad is an early warning sign. Repaints are another, the 70s tend to rust out in the roof/windscreen areas and most 85 models are suffering from rust.
Very suspect on many levels.

Ask for pics taken during the conversion. I'm going to bet he doesn't have any...

Reminds me of this. Not the same vehicle obviously but the similarities are interesting ('07 drivetrain, blue, wheels, ect...), especially the "1FZ-FE THREE COIL ENGINE"
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