1991 FJ80 Build Thread

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Jan 2, 2019
I basically just wanted to make a build thread to keep myself accountable to actually put work into this car. When I got it it was in very rough condition. Most of my money thus far has just gone into doing maintenance on the car, like replacing the power steering pump and starter, as well as a few other things. Here’s a picture from when I first got the car.
ive put new tires on it, got new tail light housings, put on new racks, and a few other small things, but nothing major. I’ll update with a pic when I get home from work. First up on the list is getting the a/c fixed, but within the next couple weeks I’m gonna start constructing a sleeping platform with storage for the car. A few other thing I would like to get done this summer is a new paint job, new front and rear bumpers, and hopefully replace the suspension system. Thanks for checking it out!
I love that bright red. My father had an early 90's 4runner in a similar bright red. I just refreshed my R12 AC system on my 92 about a month ago. It's not too bad of a job. I was able to source R12 easily so I stuck with it. Definitely colder than my brother's Highlander now. Look forward to seeing what you do with it!
This is the car as it stands today. Noticeably I’ve got new tires, new rack, and new tail lights. First thing I did when I get the car was new lift gate supports, that things is damn heavy. I’m looking to get a/c fixed soon and peeling off the window tint after, whoever did it did a TERRIBLE job. This is one bad spot, but there’s bubbles on all the windows.




Fabric steamer for the tint ($20 at Walmart) is the way to go for tint removal. Makes it a breeze
If you are doing an original resto Spector Off Road has the original cloth seat bottoms for the front. They are great but big $$$.

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