For Sale 1991 4Runner - Texas - low mileage, cold ac, lockers

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I'll pay up to a $500 finders fee.
Lowered price, still OBO!
Any takers at $4750?
I can remove the front bumper and winch (I still have the original one in great condition) and take out the stereo system and drop it down to $3500.

As is price is $4750 OBO.
Bump for the last price drop before I start pulling parts off of it.

$4000 OBO.
For those who know about this, the factory head gaskets gave out (and took the motor with them!) at 40k miles and the entire engine was replaced. I can provide the VIN on request and you can verify it.

Videos that were requested on another forum.

4Runner 1 - YouTube

4Runner 2 - YouTube

4Runner 3 - YouTube

$4000 anyone?
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Bump for lower price!

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