For Sale 1990 Land Cruiser HZJ73 (VA-MD-DC)

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United States
This awesome HZJ73 will be on BaT very soon! Will list the link once it starts.

-New tires
-New OEM Tokiko shocks
-A/C is cold (new belt and recharge, no drop in chill since)
-New front rotors/pads
-some pics below aren’t current. Take a look at the BaT pics for current setup

Msg me if you have questions or want to come take a look. In Northern VA.





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Nice rig. Price is a little high though.

Thanks @trekker9 , pricing on these is tough. Seems anywhere between 13k and 25k are “reasonable” depending on the buyer who shows up. I priced this based on the quality of the paint/body, clean interior, obvious maintenance throughout its life, and other listings I’ve found online. It may take a moment to find the right home, but fortunately I’m not yet forced to make a quick sale.





OK, truck is back on the market. Fixed the hyperblink today. PO was using 12w bulbs front and rear for the passenger side instead of 25w. I had only compared front/rear during diag previously, but took all four corners off today to get to the bottom of it and discovered the difference. All good now! Time to order a few fresh bulbs. Also fit the new grill in the front. Looks really good. Old grill will come with it, as it's still in decent shape, but the chrome had some marring that bothered me.
RHD takes a moment to get used to, and then it's second nature. As a daily driver it will be even easier since all of your seat time will be RHD. I've used this daily for up to a month when I was doing major maintenance on my other car, and can say it's a great experience as a daily. 1) it's always going to start, or will give you obvious hints when it's considering the alternative; 2) I still feel like I'm on a safari every time I get into it. The other cars around me look claustrophobic and pod-like in comparison. My commute is an 8 mile stretch on a highway at 65-70 MPH, and another 10-12 mile stretch on a winding 45-60 MPH with some stop and go in between. Truck is comfortable at 70 MPH in a straight line, but does suck fuel at that speed/shape. I see around 18mpg between fill ups with my lead foot.
Both drip rails in front of the rear tires were being eaten up a few inches. Pic below of one of the rails before. On the passenger side it crept up to the wheel well, which was discovered during their inspection after pulling off the over-fender. All good now! IH8rust.


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