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Jan 23, 2008
East York, Canada
I have to get rid of my 1987 HJ60 that I had bought last year as a parts truck. Everything is there in the truck. It runs. It drives.
However it is not titled as roadworthy.
The 2H engine is complete with everything that should be there is there. The EDIC is there and functional. The glow system is there and works. The engine has roughly 435,000 km's on it. It glows and starts each time.
It has the factory A/C system installed however it has a leak somewhere. Last year I filled it with freon and tried it out. The compressor engaged and spins.
The transmission is the H55F 5-speed. Only driven this a few km's only I can't give a good analysis of the condition of the transmission. All I can say is that 1st to 2nd is a bit notchy. Maybe it due to the fluid being cold, low fluid, synchros(??). But 2nd to 3rd and 3rd to 4th work fine. I never got the truck going fast enough to get it into 5th so I have no idea about that gear. It goes into reverse OK though.
The interior is brown and is very dirty. The driver's seat has the typical rips and tears in it. The other seats are in good condition, only dirty. The door and trim panels and all in good shape. Amazingly the dash is the best part of the interior. It's in real good condition with no cracks in it at all.
All of the glass is in good condition.
The worst part of the truck is the frame. The rear section is rotted out. The leaf springs are prettty flat too.
Even comes with an old school Alpine AM/FM cassette stereo!!

If you want more pictures, message me with your e-mail address and I'll send you some.

This MUST go by the end of next week!!!!!

$1800 $1800 $1800


I'm fake news
Sep 2, 2003
Metro NY
Wanna get it to Rochester or Buffalo? If so I might be able to take it off your hands... maybe.


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