1987 FJ60 With 400 Small Block Chevy

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United States
Cruiser Is Located in Southern Oregon

Trades Welcome, but please make sure they are of the same value, or trades+cash I am looking for a good gas mileage car...AWD is a big plus


This will start out like any other for sale thread, as it pains me to sell this, but the money is needed, and I need to buy something with better gas mileage as my daily commute has become upwards of 120 miles per day.

For sale, I have my freeborne red '87 FJ60 landcruiser. It has 185K on it. This landcruiser was purchased new back in '87 by my parents. After several years of it being used as a daily driver, (mostly highway miles) The oil plug decided to blow out one day, and the oil leaked out and the good old 2f seized. So, after this, my parents decided to give me the 'cruiser, and I promply had a 400 chevy put in. I had it this way for a couple years, until I reached the same point of view I have now. I wanted slightly better gas mileage, and a toyota engine, so I pulled out the 400, sold it, and was planning a 1 / 2UZFE swap, however after about a year, I never got up the money or time to do the swap. Just a couple months back, I decided to buy another 400 SBC, and drop it in. This one is nice. It has been fully rebuilt, with ARP Main studs / recond rods, and a double roller chain, 1.95/1.50 heads, crower torque beast stage 3 cam, 600 cfm edelbrock carb, .40 Over Bore, Accel HEI Distributor / Super Coil etc...

At present, the carb has a sqaure bore to circle bore adapter, and the carb seems to be jetted slightly wrong for the motor. Th transfer case is a full time 203 transfer case, and the chain drive seems to have some slack in it, as it does make some noise. The Transmission is a TH350 that was fully rebuilt about 2 years ago. Recently, I broke the passenger mirror, and broke the rear right tail lens by backing into a car that I could'nt see behine me at about 2-3 MPH... Anyway, I am plannig on replacing those, and I will be either re-jetting the carb, or buying a new one. The intereior is in Excellent condition, and the paint is super nice for an '87. There is a slight scratch on the front right fender from a rough tree branch while driving on a trail. I really have not drivin the rig off road much, but have done some mild stuff.

I have got a homemade 2" shackle lift, and just replaced the front shocks with ironman suspension. Also just switched to an ironman steering stabilizer, and MAF extended sway bar end links. The rear shocks are Rancho RS-9000's with about 10K miles on them. The tires are widetrack radial baja's with about 30K on them, and ar 32x11.5's. I also just bought a set of 2" rear ironman leaf springs which will be included with the truck, but not installed.

I am going to post up some pics that are a bit old here, but I am going to take some new ones ASAP. I will probably be posting this on ebay as well, however I would love to keep this in the community of 'cruiser enthusiasts.

I would like to get 4500 OBO for this rig, and please keep you offer reasonable. The 'Cruiser is located in Selma, OR, about 25 miles outside of grants pass. As people that live around here know, theese are preaty diffucult to find around here. Be sure to email me, or PM me here if you have any questions, or want to come take a look at it, or take it for a test drive. Thanks

Older Pics:


Newer pics with engine installed:




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Here are a couple interior pics I took today. The vehicle is in great condition, and it has alot of sentimental value. If anyone thinks I am asking too much, feel free to make me an offer, I need to get this sold befor I lose my nerve...





Again, ask any questions you may have, and I will get some more pics taken as I get the chance.

I'm considering doing a FJ- diesel swap, hows this rig with rust? Is that a chevy tranny? I'm not familiar, would it be compatible with a 13bt or HT-T toyo engine?
No rust at all. There are some rust spots on the wheels. The transmission is a chevy th350 Automatic. I don't think it would be compatible with any toyota engines without changing out the motor mounts etc..
do you still have this truck?
If U Still have it

Not sure if it's the same value, depends on how bad you want a Pig.

It's a project but the Dec. 76 2F I put into it (its a 76) is very seriously
built and has about 1000 miles on it (just broken in & with 4 oil changes/filters
valve adjustments) that i have about $8000 into.

so its a pig that has a lot done but a lot to go and I need something I can
go hunt and fish with not a GREAT potential 76 FJ55 that requires more
than I can give it as a single vehicle owner.

PM If interested and I'll give you the skinny and take some pix
and audio of the motor.

Still for sale?

Would it make a drive to the midwest? My first post, brand new to the site but am eager to get back to the cruiser lifestyle.

Sorry I havent got back to you guys in a while. I had a potnetial buyer, but it fell through. The cruiser is still for sale.

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