For Sale 1986 Land Cruiser fj60

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1986 Toyota Land Cruiser fj60. 178,xxx miles. 2F engine (inline 6). 4 speed manual. I am the 4th owner and have owned since 2007. Car was located in Arizona until 2005 (no rust). Tires are good and have 50-60% tread life left.

New equipment (since 2009):
Replaced the smog pump, clutch, clutch master cylinder, clutch slave cylinder, brake pads, rotors, wheel cylinders, brake master cylinder, power booster, power steering pressure hose, steering gear box, radiator, hoses, thermostat, water pump, and re-manufactured cylinder head.

This cruiser is a survivor. I use it as a daily driver taking the kids to school and commuting to work. The paint is a repaint done around 1990 when the truck was involved in a rear end collision (see front bumper pics). It has mostly faded on the roof and hood and is flaking in some areas. The original paint underneath is much better. The air conditioning system does not work. The carburetor needs rebuilding for best performance but works fine.

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Craigslist Post:
1986 Toyota Land Cruiser fj60, landcruiser
I'm asking $9800. When I bought it in 07 I had the intention of turning it in to a "class A" rig with lockers, bumpers, and a winch, etc. My situation changed and required me to depend on it as a daily driver so I don't have the time to do what I wanted. Besides, it is in too good of shape to put on the trail.
I'll get some pics of the frame rails loaded on here later today. As far as the overspray, I don't want to give the impression that I am hiding anything. The overspray is more than 20 years old. If I were going to keep it I would probably coat the wheel wells with bedliner or undercoating.

I apologize for my limited post history. I never had to ask a question in 4 1/2 years. With the search function on Mud, I've always been able to find what I need.
Nice looking 60.

Just some feedback - not intending to offend, just some input.

For almost $10k, you should address a few issues
- wax the cr@p out of the paint - put some shine on it,
- clean up underhood - some of the air cleaner housing is rusty, etc
- Replace broken turn signal lenses
- You've got oil (rear diff breather hose?) clean it up and see where it is coming from, and either address the leak or call it out
- clean up the interior stains

You've got a decent rig, but in the "cosmetic" condition that it is in and for the price point you are asking something's got to give - either drop the price to address the above (i.e. rig will need new paint, carpet kit in the back, serious detailing, etc.) or address them for a quicker sale more in alignment with your asking price.

Just my $0.02
I appreciate the feedback. I have taken several items into account that would be issues to me like the paint and carpet when I decided on the price. The paint in my opinion is too far gone on the roof and hood. Waxing it would make it worse. Lots of wet sanding followed by very carefully buffing it out may work, and I have been tempted, but I don't want to burn through the paint. Besides, I don't have the time. I may try to get the coffee stains out of the carpet but it is delicate due to it's age. Can't figure out why the driver seat shows no sign of wear while the rear cargo area carpet is so fragile that it comes apart when vacuumed. All this cosmetic stuff was in the plan to fix the right way but I am spent after having to do all new brakes and cylinder head, etc this year.

If anyone brings me a serious offer, we can work on the price. That does not warrant any low-ball offers.
Research the market, price it correctly and move on.....
Ok, so what is your suggestion for price? Anyone?
I have bought and sold a lot of criusers, more than my sig line would suggest. With the information given and not seeing your 60 in person, I would say around $4600 is top dollar, maybe more if you can verify repairs made, maybe less. I know the market very well and nearly $10k is way to much.... Put it out there for $6000 and see what happens, be flexible. Either come to grips with what its worth, or be happy with it and keep it. :cheers:
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IMO with a proper detail and some first rate pictures, it would fetch pretty close to 6k on Ebay.
ebay is your only hope to come near that price, mint/cherry/pristine 60's barely pull down that much cash.
I agree. I was hard pressed to get my asking out of this one . It truely was pristine, and like a new 60 in every possible way. The guy bought it sight unseen and claimed the steering was slightly sloppy (he was lieing). I told him to send it back on my dime, and he recanted. He loved it, was trying to get me to knock off $500. I should have never sold it, been trying to buy it back ever since. Anyways point is, that was an original owner 60, and was garaged and well taken care of. I got my $8300 asking but I had to pay shipping, and it generated practically zero interest here on mud. I'm still sick about selling it, as with every LC I have ever sold. Something to consider.:beer:
I dropped my price to $8800 and then placed an ad at SOR.COM and they accidentally listed it at $8000. Maybe someone is trying to tell me something:). So I am asking $8000 and it is on EBay right now.

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