1985 bj70 for sale - 45,000 kms

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more photos

here's a few more photos
umm, that unit does not have factory equipped elec diff lock, the t/case is electric vacumm...
nice looking unit in the pics though, congrates...
I will have the Land Cruiser in Calgary for about 24 hours - afternoon of June15 to the same on the 16th. Call me for a test drive and a look-see.

Peter 403-345-2787
cel (on Friday and saturday only) 204-951-5067
I will be on vacation in August and I would love to sell this before I go...
still for sale

the last cruiser any hunter would ever need - gets you there, you get the moose, gets you home
Wish I could get it into the States - coulda sold it three times over...
Thinking about dropping the price - what would you offer?
now just at 50,000 kms
Tach not working, only an AM radio

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