For Sale 1984/FJ60/267,000 miles/South Florida

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Vehicle Model
  1. 60 Series
United States
Hello Mud family,

Selling my 1984 FJ60 With 267,000 miles on the original 2F engine. On start up I see smoke like it has blow by. I have never torn down the engine. It is my daily driver. There are spots of rust around drip rail none around the wheel wells. It has front and rear arb bumper the holy grail ARB rear bumper. Arb diff breather, garvin industries roof rack, Dobinsons rear slide out drawers. Arb sliders. It is
Originally from Carson city Nevada high heat low humidity. I am the second owner and have the original window sticker with clean Florida title. I am asking $25,000 or best offer very flexible in my price. Please text me 561-445-7991 my name is Aaron. If you feel I am priced to high then I will lower my price. If you feel I am priced to low I will keep it at $25,000 or best offer.





Can you please post a pic with the helicopter on the roof rack?
I think you need better and more pics. Highlight the good and the bad. Interior, exterior, under carriage, engine bay, all rust spots. Really hard to tell.
My interior is in good shape not really My drivers seat is in good condition. Small rust around drip rail and it’s surface none around wheel wells.
Don’t feel it was priced well in the market. I have Some rust and I am not the type of person that Is looking to rob people of their hard earned money. Trying to be fair.
Hi Beto, my color code is 861 light blue metallic. I have it posted on fb marketplace reach out to me and I will send you 37 pics

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