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Apr 1, 2013
United States
Hi Everyone.

I have been a long time reader / follower of iH8mud. Learned many things from everyone on this board. Its with heavy heart that that i have to place my FJ60 project for sale. My plans were to tear down my blue landcruiser to give new life to my other. I wont have the time available to make this happen anymore.

information on the trucks:

Blue FJ60 (1984): I purchased this truck with the idea of tearing it down and salvaging as many parts from it. The truck was from Colorado when i purchased it. It does have some rust in the normal spots and some battle wounds on the exterior (dented drive side fender - truck was in this condition when i purchased it). The engine has a little over 207, 000 miles on it and runs great. I had never had any issues with the truck. Its has a 4plus front bumper (w/o winch cut out) and 31x10.5 Goodyear tires. Tires are in great shape. It does leak some oil but since i was going to remove the engine i was going to replace all the gaskets, hoses, ect.

Brown FJ60 (1985): I purchased this truck from a fellow mud member a while ago. Since the purchase i started to clean the truck. I removed the carpet (not salvageable) and steam cleaned the seats. Granted the seats were pretty bad when i purchased it so they look decent now. The trucks body is in good shape. Its does have the complete drive train on it but the engine was partially torn down from the previous owner - seems he was parting out the engine)

I do have a few extra mics parts which i had purchased incase I needed (hood, fenders, rear door / hatch) everything will be included in the sale.

I know the trucks will go to a great home with a mud member here.

I am asking for $3900 for both trucks OBO.

please email / text me if you have any questions or need more pictures. Both trucks are located in Mesa, Az.

I am working to load a few pictures of both trucks.









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