1983 fuel system woes

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Sep 28, 2004
Spokane, WA
I'm posting this for my uncle who has a 1983 Toyota long bed. It has about 100,000 miles and was a donated vehicle from Toyota to the Spokane Sheriffs office.

The truck idles fine and will drive for some amount of time before dieing. At that point you have to wait and let it idle. Last week, it started to die on him and he shifted down and revved the nuts off it out of frustration. It didn't die, and appeared to have fixed itself for some time. Now the issue is back. It runs great until the carb. is empty and the fuel pump can't seem to keep up with demand.

Things done:
Carb rebuilt about 4 years ago
new OEM fuel pump
Tank cleaned and coated a couple years ago
New fuel filter
removed EGR
New OEM ignitor
new fuel lines

Anyone have any other things to check? We are both stumped.
this sounds stupid, but try putting wooden clothes pins on the supply line to the pump, if it is vapor lock this will help.

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