1980 Toyota 4X4 Factory straight axle 90% complete (1 Viewer)

Jul 2, 2012
hey there im new to toyotas but i saw a deal on craigslist, the guy has a 1980 Toyota 4X4 Factory straight axle that is 90% complete. He is saying that it has a good 22r motor but he cant start it because the transmission isnt in the the truck. The t case also need to be put back in. How hard is it to put the tranny and t case back in?

Heres the rest of the add:
good 22r with weber carb, header flowmaster shockhoops, rear end locked,smitty built bumpers, IFS power steering pump installed for high steer,bobbed bed, about 8 to 10' lift, needs tranny and t case put in..( they are inside the truck)
I prefer to sell complete.. No low ballers .$ 1000 cash price for the whole thing.
Is this rig worth looking at?
Jan 8, 2006
Ashland, OR
Trans and T-case install.... How's your back? Not technically hard, but some details need to be right. $1000? Well it really depends on how the rest of the truck is... The problem is you can't test the engine or the trans until they are in the truck... So you're going to have to take the guys word for it...
Sep 12, 2006
New Jersey, dump here please
Worth looking at if it isn't too far away. Thoughts: 1980 came with 20R, not 22. Original trans was weak. If the motor was swapped, there's a decent chance the trans is a later G or W series, both are better than the original. Pull the plugs out of the motor and make sure they're not fouled with coolant or oil. Give the oil a sniff for gas fumes. Blown head gasket would be a bummer. Check the frame near the rear spring hangers on both sides of the truck for rust (deal killer). Same for the cab mounts. Lift the rear end off the ground and spin a tire. Both wheels should turn in the same direction if it is really locked. In other words, confirm as much as you can, even without it running. If it checks out, trans and TC install isn't that hard. Install the trans, then the TC separately if you're doing it alone on the ground (been there, done that too many times to count). I've always had a soft spot for the 1980 minis ...

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