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Sep 7, 2014
Hi Guys,

My Dad had a BJ40 when i was about 8 years old and never stopped wanting one.. im 30 now and managed to get hold of one sometime last year.

It was owned by my mums friend back home.. my mum always knew how much i wanted one and told me that her friend had hers up for sale.. without a slight hint of hesitation, wired the money to my mum to get it... this is without viewing or let alone test driving it.. only thing i knew it was drivable.. Once it was registered under my name, got it shipped from Sabah to Kuala Lumpur Where I live now... 33 years of abuse showed, loads of rust, swerves from left to right, no power, loads of black smoke, brakes on the rear locked up as soon as the brake pedal was touched... but I was happy, bloody happy.

The plan was to restore it, for the next couple of months drove it around the neighbourhood and it sat at home due to work bla bla bla.. the usual.

Early this year, took all the doors of... and it sat for another couple of months.. till about a couple of weeks back, i got the front fender, Bib, front bumper and the steering linkages out. im Currently out for work and wont be able to work on it for at least another 3 weeks.

- Body : 1980 BJ40 Hardtop with tons of bondo, widened front fender and rear wheel arches, with tons of bondo again.
- Chassis : Front and rear bumper has been directly welded to the chasis, spring hangers also directly welded, coming to think about it, almost all the brackets have been "reinforced" with welds directly to the chassis. Not forgetting lots of missing rivets and at some places, the metal is as thin as body panel sheets.
- Engine : 3 liter B engine with copious amounts of leaks. Most probably held together by the rust and soot which was accumulated over 33 years.
- Trans : 4 speed manual with leaks all over.
- Suspension : Leaf springs which are almost flat, given a boost in height with extended shackles at the rear and some frankenstien shackles at the front.
- Axles : Seems like the original with discs at the front. The front hubs however have BJ60 written on them with a paint marker... so i cant say for sure.

The plan:
- Frame off resto, but not a high dollar one(thats what i say for now). Will use and do whatever is cost effective, practical, visually pleasing and of course keep it all Toyota.
- Rebuild the B engine and turbo charge it.
- Rebuild the trans and axles.
- Going for SOA. For the SOA, I am planning to use Rear Leaf Springs of a 2010 Toyota Hilux/hilux Vigo on all four corners of the BJ. I will be taking all measurements from the hilux for the suspension. I have a Hilux as my daily driver, so i can directly measure and replicate the same on the BJ.

Thats it for now, im sure ive missed many details, so do ask or suggest.

Lastly, ive been lingering on this forum for the past 3 to 4 years, watching you guys build, restore amazing, amazing unbelievable Land cruisers. There's tons of things ive learned or seen here that i wanna do to my BJ... so lets see how much or how far i can go.

Some Pics.. not that good.. have more but left them at home.



Sep 7, 2014
Hi there JohnnyC, unfortunately I'm away from home on work. Will only be getting back sometime end of this month. Hope to get home ASAP to start work on her again.

Will post up once I have more updates.


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Sep 13, 2008
Welcome to MUD! Looks like a nice BJ40!
I've been doing a reseal on my FJ40, let me know if you have any questions, we're all here to help you.

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