1978 - Fj40 - Parasitic Draw / WARM voltage Regulatr (1 Viewer)

May 11, 2002
twin cities
Hmmm.. new wiring problem. for new thoughts.

In trying to get the AMMETER to work, I can seem to do this with a new OEM VOLTAGE Regulaor (VR) installed... but....
When the vehicle is OFF - no key in the switch... the VR gets warm and we lose voltage overnight .... dead battery.

I would offer the VR wiring is mated correctly to the correct wires and locations, BUT.... this should NOT be happening.

Might it be the DENSO VR that is new from TOYOTA? Or other ideas to look for? Could be a simple grounding issue .. (I looked) or anyting else?
any ideas are great.

I know the AMMETER is kind of simply +/- visual .. but its there....


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