1977 FJ55 for sale....

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Jan 30, 2007
United States
I finally decided to part with my '77. All the body work is done...in metal and the paint is relatively new. Craigslist ad is up but I wanted you guys to tell me what you think as your opinion means more than most. He's an unmolested pig, no 4x4'ing...just my daily driver. 72000 on an 2F that has been worked over before and after I bought it so mileage isn't exact but it has a new roof, headliner and interior is clean. Could use a dash cover and front seat upholstery (has seat covers now) but back bench is good. I'll give it a tune up....oh, and I have a FULL set of books covering everything on the car snout to tail. $8500. Let me know what you think. N
Thanks OMA,
The driver's side window regulator is giving me fits. Was stiff to roll up so I pulled the reg. welded and reset all the teeth(quite a job!) and.......still stiff. Crap. So, wondering if the scissors are worn out or if I just need to keep fiddling with it to get it smoothed out.
Windo fixed!

Ended up filling the regulator with weld and re-cutting, by hand, the teeth to exacting specs so the window would roll with buttery smoothness! What pain! Now, hot off that success I think I can get the back window rolling more smoothly as well. I've also received a half dozen guys telling me I'm giving this away in the condition it's in so I may raise the price a bit just to see. Will help subsidize the next project!

Hey PC.

Sorry for not getting back with you sooner....

Yes, Colorado Pig! In the Springs in OCC.

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