For Sale 1975 FJ40, Sheridan, WY, $12,500

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Hi everyone! I am helping a customer sell their truck so here it is.

1975 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40, original motor & drivetrain with 76K original miles and lots of paperwork and past records. It has been in dry Wyoming all of its life. Everything has been gone through on the truck and it is in great running, driving and operating order. All of the lights, blinkers, etc., work.

I will be getting more pics later today and will post them when I get them. The truck is currently in Colstrip, Montana but they are able to bring it to my shop in Sheridan, Wyoming to help them sell it. I am easiest to reach with a phone call. 307.752.6033





more pics.





Almost bought this for $4500 in November, the owner had me send a cashiers check and then backed out on the deal because he said his wife was on the title and she wouldn't sign off on it. Found out he sold it to someone else.

Price has tripled since then and I don't think much has been done to it.

For Sale: - '75 FJ40 All Original
Current Pics. And a lot has been done to it. They have all of the service records, but everything has been gone through on this truck.
It runs great, drives great and EVERYTHING works as it should, unlike 90% of these trucks





4500 was way too much for that!

I hope you don't take offense but this statement has no value. while this 40 may not be worth $12,500 it's clear this 40 is worth $4,500 or more. It will sell north of $7,000 in my opinion as its fairly complete. Id like to see some pics of the engine compartment.

Personally i would be pissed if I was the OP and it got listed on CL 3K cheaper by the owners after he agreed to help them sell it. If I was him id tell the owners to piss off and delete this thread.
Not trying to add value or take away value just simply stating facts of information to inform other mud members so they can make good buying decisions, this would've sold in November to me if the original seller had been honest and went through with the sale and if I had relisted it for 12.5K I think I would have to honestly be able to show a fellow mudder why the price jumped 8K. This is a tight community and people have helped me make informed buying decisions and I am trying to help others by giving them information that is accurate and they can make a decision from there. If they want to pay 12.5K for it, hey more power to them.

I am not sure of the relationship of the poster but it almost seems to me like the seller wants to get 9.5K out of it and this poster is trying to make 3K on top of that or to try and compensate for lowball offers. Just my two cents, doesn't make it true, but we start to see why the FJ40 market is so bloated.

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