For Sale 1975 FJ40 "For the Taking"

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United States
I really should pick this one up, as it's in my neck of the woods, but I don't have the time for a project, nor the facility to dismantle it:

1975 Toyota Landcruiser FJ40

"The time is here for the old Landcruiser to be taken away by whomever wants it.

For transparency, the Landcruiser is a 1975 FJ40, straight six, with a 4-speed manual transmission. It has sat in a driveway, not started or driven in 10-12 years. Because of the salty atmospheric conditions in the Sunset district of SF, it is pretty rusty with the common body rot that Landcruisers suffer, and it has been the victim of graffiti. Also, someone smashed the front windshield, which will need to be replaced. At least a couple of the tires have gone flat, which may be remedied with some air, but there may also be a couple spares available. There are a few other extras such as a pair of doors and some cab top parts that were once planned for the restoration.

If nothing else, it could be used for a lot of the parts for another similar project.

Although it was driven into the driveway more than 10 years ago and has sat ever since, I believe that to remove it will require something along the lines of a vehicle trailer with a winch to drag it, because I do not know the condition of the drive train's ability to roll due to the likelihood of rust accumulation about the drums, axles, wheel bearings, etc.

Although I have the ignition key, I do not know where I stored the title, but an application for a duplicate can be processed.

Anyway, if someone wants this project, even for the parts, it is yours for the taking at a reasonably negotiable price of some several hundred dollars or so -- not in parts and pieces, but rather as a whole vehicle.

Please reply with e-mail & phone contact information, and then I will follow up."
This must be the one on 19th Avenue. Certainly has been trashed!
LOL, seen pics of that one a few times over the years.........
Concur with the "landmark" comment. There's a Series Rover near Telegraph Hill we take pictures of every time we're in SF since its similar to ours. Met the owners wife and daughter last trip, will be a sad day when its gone.
Seen this many times on my trips to UCSF. Saw the ad and decided to stop and take a look. It is completely trashed. Not sure if there is anything useable. The body and frame are completely rusted. Really don't think it is worth the effort of dragging it out of there on busy 19th Ave even if it was given to you. Just my two cents

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