craigslist 1974 FJ55 - Denver (Arvada), CO

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Aug 11, 2015
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FJ55 Landcruiser 1974

ASKING $1100

Quote from listing:
"bought this truck from the original owner This truck has some rust. It has a 3-speed on the floor with a turbo buick v-6, not the 1F motor. The original owner told me that the distrubutor shaft was slipping so the truck is not running now. I put in a new brake master and brake line. Currently this is a good parts vehicle or restoration project. Comes with original rims. Very straight body with minor dings except the hole on the rocker panel. I grew up hunting with my father in a FJ-55 and I really like the longer wheel base, storage capacity, seating and trail ability. OBO. Clean title in my name."

Theres some really choice parts on that pig...
Is it wrong that I want this thing for the tailgate handle and a mostly rust free roof alone?
Maybe I'll swing by one day after work if he's open at all to parting. Floor mat, tail lights and gaskets, rear deflectors, turn signals, bench seats, door cards, dash pad, glove box door, side mirrors, dashboard knobs, etc. etc. . This guy can get a grand pretty quick in parts alone. Not to mention doors, glass, etc.

I do NOT have the space to purchase and part out. HOA is giving me fits about the one pig I have that looks decent. This one would send them over the edge...
Called and talked to the owner at lunch-a real nice guy that needs the thing gone. No interest in parting...He told me a Rising Sun Club Member is going to look at it tomorrow. I'm guessing it will be sold, and I'll have to buy parts from him...
Nah-she's driving to Cruiser Fest. And she's out of room anyway.
It was a him. And it is sold.

Hey boss hog, I have plenty of room at my shop to store your pig if you get yelled at again by your hoa!
Tim-I'm waiting for my pig to be done at the shop (later hopefully by Friday) and then I can DRIVE it over!
Did you buy that pig?? I told him you were a good candidate when he said you were coming by to look at it.

If so, and you are parting it, I have a list of "wants"...
Drive 'er on over!! Would love to take a look! But it will make my pigs look so sad in comparison!

I did buy it, got the title today and paid for it, hope to get it to my shop tomorrow.

Much better in person than I expected. The engine is a Buick V6 turbo, so it could be a grand national, which would be one of the silliest things to put in a pig!! :) Current plan is to swap over all the goodies from my 76 (2f, 4 speed, disc brakes, etc) and then part out the rest of the 76. I will start a thread over on the FJ55 area and not clutter up the for sale thread.

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