For Sale 1972 FJ55 on CL (not mine) (7 Viewers)

Aug 6, 2015
San Francisco
This is slightly random, although I should have figured it with this community 😂. I picked this 55 up a few weeks ago, won’t discuss price out of respect but am super happy with the purchase.

Came with an old Rochester 2 barrel, obviously tuned for Flagstaff (brought it home to the Bay Area), so swapping intakes this weekend in favor of an Edelbrock avs2 offroad carb, much easier to tune while on the vehicle.

Haven’t posted on mud in forever but I still have my 80! Just got 5.29’s and lockers last month. I’ll have to check here more often, always loved the wealth of knowledge here!

Got a bunch of OEM parts on the way to fix the little odds and ends, then plan on completely replacing the interior, and installing some proper bumpers. Anyways, good to be back on here.


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