1971 fj40 1017 original miles

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United States
IM selling a 71 fj40 for a friend he has owned it since 77 and before that it was used at a college in so cal for smog testing it racked up 1017 miles it has never been registered on the road and from what he knows never even seen a public street. It by no means is a drivable crusier and needs a restore but you could not find a better canidate for a project it is truely a one of kind, virtualy rust free, This rig has the original tires from the show room floor still holding air, has many little things original such as airfilter, oil, oil filter, it is a very good project canidate. please call 541 301 4310 with any questions. asking $8500 i will try and get pics on soon but do not have internet acess at my home
How does a cruiser with 1017 original miles that has never seen a public street need restored? Curious to see the pics.
I would imagine most of the gaskets have rotted by now, at least to where they wouldnt hold if ran for a few thousand miles. I could be wrong, but when you store a car for a long time you usually drain the fluids first too.
x2 on the pics
will you part with the just the original oil, i could use it for my resto 40...........?

bump, and i will jump on the picture bandwagon. send them to nickandjen@hotmail.com

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