For Sale 1968 FJ40 F Engine Parting Out Soon

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Vehicle Model
  1. 40 Series
Colorado Springs, Colorado United States
Hey Folks, My '68 FJ40 Engine is going to be parted out beginning in February. The engine lost compression heroically at 11K elevation in Colorado last summer. Instead of a re-build I am upgrading to a rebuilt early model 2F engine from Man-A-Fre. Parts I'm pretty sure will be up for grabs: Carb (Rebuilt 2 years ago by Mark's Off Road) with extra parts and a Keyster rebuild kit; Fuel Pump, Air Cleaner Assembly; Distributor; - potentially the manifold (no cracks) and so forth. Will use what I can on the new 2F but I don't think it'll be that much.

I wanted to get the word out there early. So just let me know if you're interested in these F Engine parts or others I might not have mentioned. I'll start posting pics once I start pulling things off.


Interested in manifold/carb and air cleaner and associated air cleaner brackets. Also temp sender/ heater hose part that goes into the head by driver side firewall.
Can mods move this to the parts classifieds instead of vehicle?
Mine has some homemade cast fitting contraption for running the heater hoses off of the thermostat housing / coolant line. I'be be interested in those if you won't be needing them. Some pics would help describe what I'm talking about. I can provide when the time comes.
@ZooTownCruiser stay tuned. I sent a pm today about the thermostat housing.

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