16.5" rims?

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Mar 27, 2003
Groveland MA
I'm toying with the idea of running 37s on my truck. I started to look around at the prices of the 16" tires and see quite a bit of a price drop for those on a 16.5" rim.

Were 16.5" rims available for any of the older LCs? I seem to remember they possibly were and were split rims.

Anybody have any recommendations for after market rims? Ideally it would be an 8" wide rim with 0 offset.
I don't recall Toyota using 16.5 rims only 15 and 16; could be wrong though. But I know Chevy used 16.5 rims in the same bolt pattern as Cruisers. You'll probably find plenty of choices in aftermarket wheels that will fit.

I do beleive that the Toy split rims were 16"

Some domesic stuff used 17" split rims but the one I have seen were 8 lug.

Yeah 16.5" stuff may be cheap (mostly becaues it was the standard commercial light truck wheel size for the past 40 years or so) but you need to also consider a few things:

1 Most 16.5" wheels do not have a safty bead.

2 Prpoerly designed 16.5" wheels are heavy -- designed for the trucks mentioned above.

3 The tire available in the 16.5" size are typically load range E or greater capacity. meaning they are heavy.

So what is the intended usage of the vehicle? What does it actually weigh ready for the trail?

Be careful with any tire you buy in the 16-18" range as the load range rating of the tire may be excesive for your application, meaning it will ride bad, not flex well and add rotating mass.

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Lack of a safety bead isn't an issue if you run bead locks. But everything Matt said above is true.
Beadlocks? that's cheating:flipoff2:

Even if you lock the out side you still need to address the inside bead unless you run Staun or Inner air style.

I have run 16.5" wheels a few times over the years, most recently with 40" TSLs and outer locks only. The aftermarket wheels that I used did not have a safty bead on them so I used .125" weld wire to create one for the inside bead. Even with the wire in place the inner bead would burp as the tire deformed when I forced the tire against somthing (full hydro steering) but worked well for the most part.


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