13B-T injector part # ?

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The entire injector is no longer in production. You can, or at least a few years ago, still get nozzles, springs, and shims. If the nozzle is all you need, any denso pump rebuild house can get the parts cheaper than getting them through Yota, and I'm pretty sure the part number is etched on the side. If you need the whole thing, you might be in for a search.
Since the 13B-T is used in a variety of applications, not just Toyota trucks, it seems odd that injectors are not available. Is there a Denso equivalent to the Toyota part?

Who in Western Canada is a reliable shop to clean and rebuild injector assemblies?
X2 on John's post. I'll be needing some rebuild work soon. I'm in Edmonton, Alberta.
The "Holder and nozzle set" part number if 23600-58020 which does not show as a good number at 1st Toy.

As mentioned, on the side of the injector/nozzle set are the denso part numbers that "any" denso shop can read and that's what they would use to get the parts needed. I would imagine the same Denso shop would be your best source to ask about replacement bodies as well.


What "Denso shop" in Western Canada is recommended, reliable and reasonable to clean and rebuild 13B-T injector assemblies?

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