13 LX570 - front parking sensor / objects directly in front of truck?

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Feb 10, 2019
Austin, Texas
I know that the LX has only two front parking sensors, but prior to a recent bumper replacement (which included new sensors) my sensors did detect objects directly in front of the truck. Is it expected that the sensors should be able to detect objects in front (in addition to the front corners)?

Based on some research, I see some reference to a "narrow/wide" setting for parking sensors using an OBD2 adapter and an app like Carista. I tried this, but I only see a setting for the rear sensor (which does not have any effect on the front sensors). I am planning to ask the dealer to look at this when I take it for an oil change, but any suggestions about expected behavior of the sensors or settings I need to adjust would be great.

Thank you.
Maybe the new sensors aren’t plugged in?
If you did a bumper replacement then it is likely that they are not seated correctly. They could be set too far out or set in too far. I had to adjust mine until they were back to normal. Also, most aftermarket bumpers have the sensors facing to far to the sides to be effective in the very front/center of the vehicle. There is some room to angle the sensors a little.
Mine still has the OEM bumper but does not detect objects directly in front of the vehicle. I rely on the parking assist front camera for that

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