12volt new radio install into a 1981 BJ42 diesel 24volt

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Dec 31, 2018
Any suggestions on what I should know about installing a new 12volt radio into a Bj42 diesel 24 volt system...?
what was the factory radio wiring, and does it compensate by reducing the voltage to 12 volt....?
You need a voltage converter 24V to 12V

Everything in a 24V bj42 is 24V with the exception of the headlights (they are 12V and draw from each battery individually).
If a single headlight burns out, it is recommended to replace it asap as it will have an uneven draw on the batteries in the 24V configuration (shorten their lifespan). For that same reason, you shouldn't run any 12V accessories or items off of a single battery in the 24V setup.
so the only way to run a radio is with a voltage converter...?
I do not know, but.......did some of the 80's BJ42 come with a radio....? if so how was that powered...?
they were 24 volt radios
I guess difficult to find now.....?
I will get a 24 to 12 v reducer and hopefully that will work fine...
thanks for the info
You can find 24v radios that are made for heavy equipment applications... Speakers too. Prices and selection are not ideal though if you are picky...
I can't see there being too much drama. If you want to keep the same radio connector just cut the 24v positive wire, extend the line side and run it to the input of a voltage converter, then run the output wire from the converter back to the load side where you made the cut.
You could then use an OEM 12v radio. Or just chop the whole plug off and wire in the plug the new headunit comes with and do the same this as above with the positive.
thank you.....
I got one......high efficiency....now just to hook it up...
would putting a 24-12v converter, before the connection to my U-build utility trailer, help to run 12v bulbs...?
I tried to run 12-24volt LED"s and found that you need a resistor to get them working.......sometimes.... they don't work for me. I get running lights, no signal or break....

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