110v power supply, anyone done it?

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Mar 10, 2007
On some of the new tacoma TRD's and some FJ cruisers, there is a 110 volt power outlet in the rear. Has anyone put a standard house plug outlet in their 60/62? That would be extremely handy for running tools n' such around in the woods n' places.
It's not too hard...you just need and invertor to convert 12VDC to 110VAC.


I carry a small one that plugs into the cigarette lighter.

However, it takes about 10 amps @ 12VDC to make 1 amp @ 110VAC. Therefore, if you want to run an electric tool that takes a large load you need a lot of DC current, which means big wires, big invertor, and a big battery and/or alternator.
My Solution

I don't know what you are going for here as to where you want an outlet. But, my Dad and I rigged this up ages ago. Slid right in. Ran it to the battery. It works great. And oh so OEM looking :D


In case you can't tell which one it is, its to the right of the cigarette lighter.
There's plenty of threads on the subject. I put in a 750/1500 vector inverter under the passenger seat, and ran a hard wire back to the inside rear panel. Then put in an outlet. I works very well, especially for light tools and a flourescence lamp when cooking after dark on camp trips. A big inverter will suck up yur battery juice, so be careful. Good Luck
Search this section with the key word "inverter" and you will come up with alot of info.
Had an inverter wired to a GFCI outlet in my 80. Inverter was behind the rear ps quarter and the outlet in the cargo area. Used a switch out of a toyota matrix to control the inverter.

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