For Sale 100 series (LX470) Pearl white spoiler and running boards

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Oct 24, 2014

I have a set of running boards and a rear spoiler from a 2003 LX470. The color is pearl white, all lights work. Everything is in excellent shape (no rust etc), except for the drivers side running board has the plastic curling up in a 2" length just behind the front fender. There is no structural damage so I'm not certain what caused this.

Metro Detroit area.

Running boards are free. $50 for the spoiler. Local pickup only.

Sorry, I have no clue either. I'd think you have to have the 2 tapped holes on the tailgate to pass the bolts through. There's 2 more locating "buttons", one per side, in addition to the bolts and the adhesive that holds the spoiler on.
I have a few drills and I'm not afraid to use them..

As long as the "Window/spoiler" dimensions are about the same and I don't need to shorten or even worse make it longer I'm interested..
Spoiler pictures are below. There are surface scratches on the top side (which you can't see unless you're 7ft tall) but otherwise in great shape. The second and third pics show how it's attached to the tailgate.
It looks like your 03 running boards are one white piece of plastic and one black foot pad each side, is that correct?

I ask because the 2001 has two white plastic pieces and one black pad on each side.
I did see you said local only. So unless you have a change of mind on shipping (just plastic) it just good info, and I thank you for that.

It would be interesting to see if 2003 plastic fits older LX running board frame with light bar. I guessing it's same frame as 01-02 but one piece plastic.
I've been really lazy about getting rid of this stuff. If anyone wants it, please let me know. Or else its going in the trash next Tuesday!

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