07 Alaskan Tan DC 5.7

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Aug 22, 2016
Schererville, Indiana
Been searching for a gen2 for a little while now. Ended up finding this AWESOME score locally. Guy was from Alaska and used it to move him and his dad to Washington. Guess his old man didnt like it and they moved to Wisconsin, where he met his finance. He decided to stay there and sell the truck. Its SO clean under. Im from up north and no rust makes us really happy. Its a 2007 DC 4x4 5.7 with 184k on it. It has a strut level, air bags in the rear, back up camera from a newer tundra wired into the radio. My plans are to tint it. Throw my cruiser wheels on it for the time being since Im taking it off the salted roads.

First day I got it I ended up putting my wheels on it from the Land Cruiser. You can see one of the flaws which is a dent in the bend and a small one in the cab. Doesn't bother me since the paint isnt cracked. I used it to my buying advantage.

Got in contact with Black Rhino wheels and now I will be working on a few photo projects for them...Went out to grab a few shots. The cap is a HUGE plus for me since I plan to camp in it as well. It will serve great until I find a slide in. Then it will be time to supercharge it lol.

I honestly had no clue what I was trying to grab when going out. But I knew I wanted to practice shooting some shots and hope for a few good ones.

The sunset was starting to fill the sky with AMAZING color and I hoped for the best. Had my buddy jump in the drivers seat and explained what I wanted.
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Heres the day I got it. Had running boards also, I took off asap.
It needed to be branded.

Next was introducing her to the rest of the family...The LC is rocking the tundra wheels now since we were getting some snow and I wasnt sure when Id get around to getting new tires. The DD camry that I LOVE

Say what you will, I tint the windshields on my vehicles. The camry doesnt have tints since 2 of the windows dont work but the A/C kicks ass and I dont care.

Bigger wheels and tires on top of future upgrades = more stopping power is needed.
Stoptech stainless brake lines.
Stoptech Cryo treated slotted rotors.
Hawk LTS pads.


New wheels and tires. 18x9.5" +6 Black Rhino Armory wheels wrapped in 295/70/18 Cooper ST Maxx's


Looks great!!!! Digging the color scheme.
Unplanned for sure, until I laid eyes on the wheels. Then it all came together.
I am terrible with forums...ONLY because my images never want to upload because theyre to big. Threads without pics suck. Anyways, fast forward to now...I sold my LC and only have my Tundra left. Thats okay...kinda...not really. But I found a 2004 Four Wheel Camper Hawk for a good price and scooped it up. Now thats what I am rocking. I did a trip out to Colorado and all around Michigan with it so far...

Here is some shots from my trip to the UP
I ended up heading out to Colorado to visit some friends and check out investment property, all of which was over priced junk. Unfortunately. This is where having this setup comes in handy. Took off to the mountains with the pup...which is my reason for driving most of the time. I just like having him with me and my own vehicle.

Dramatic clouds do it for me. Luckily there is a WHOLE lot of that in CO.


I truly enjoy going out and exploring areas with my pup. Just seeing new views, new everything. Its dope...I sounded like such a hippie. Had to cut myself off there.



Great truck and cool pics!


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