03-07 ARB Combo Bar - signal wiring help

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Jul 4, 2010
Hey guys. Searched a bit but didn't find anything definitive. I can't find my electrical testor, and I'm trying to figure out how to get my signal/running light assemblies for my ARB combo bar wired up. I'm looking through the EWD right now but not having much luck...reading those things is greek to me but I haven't gotten all the way through it yet.

On the passenger side, I have three wires coming off of the signal bulb - White/Black, Green/Yellow, and Green. Not sure if the driver's side is different as I haven't pulled it apart yet.

Can anyone with an 03+ Combo Bar enlighten me as to what wire is what? On the ARB harness, I have red, black, and green. It's not imperative that I get this done tonight, but I'd like to try to wrap it up before I run out of daylight in about 45 minutes. Any help would be appreciated.
look at louds? I would help but mine is all tucked up and zip tied way up into the body and ARB. Can't see it anymore.
Its all good man. I actually got it figured out via the EWD, but only got the passenger side wired up before I lost daylight. I'll get the rest of it done tomorrow and then do a write up w/ pics for those of us who have questions in the future.

I have the split lens setup w/ the additional running light separate from the signal. I wired it so the running light comes on with the headlights/parking lights, but its a white bulb with a clear lens. I'm going to replace it with an amber LED I think, I hate having white facing front unless its the headlights.

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