1. S

    Fuel tank light and windscreen wipers issues

    I think these are unrelated atm as the fuel tank light has been on since I purchased the car in January The fuel tank light is lit and won’t transfer fuel from the sub to main. Both sets of fuel gauges are working through full range. Tried operation on various main and sub tank levels from...
  2. masperk

    Wanted fj60/62 rear wiper motor and rear hatch lock w/ rubber pad

    I'm looking for a rear wiper motor for a 60/62 and the associated rubber grommet and nut. If an 80 series arm is available I would consider that too. Also looking for rear hatch lock w/ the rubber pad that surrounds it. Thanks
  3. alohamade

    For Sale FJ40 Wiper Motor & Link Assembly 1968-1974

    WINDSHIELD WIPER MOTOR ASSEMBLY 1968-1974 Wiper Motor & Link Assembly or so I think. I don't know if it works, the plastic connector is cracked but the wires all look solid, I can send more pictures if needed. Price: $200 + Shipping- PM me, first come first serve
  4. B

    OEM Wiper blade length/part #?

    So, I had ordered a set of toyota oem inserts and recently moved. Lost them and reordered them. of course I just found the first set today and went to install them and they did not fit. I measured the front blades that are currently on the car and they are 24" for driver and 22" for passenger...
  5. B

    Winter wiper blade suggestions

    Hey all, So, I am trying to start getting my vehicle prepped for the upcoming winter and was going to see what blades you guys are using. I need to replace mine as the rubber is starting to fall off the blades at this point. I had ordered replacement refills but they got lost during the move. I...
  6. Spencerfj6289

    Wiper motor from 80 on a 62?

    Hi I'm hoping someone can tell me if a wiper motor from an 80 series will fit on my 62. One of the brushes in my motor was so worn that while it was running the brush fell into the motor and ripped a bar off the comutator. I can't find a reasonably priced replacement, so I'm hoping one from an...
  7. jetswim

    Wanted rear wiper relay 24v Part# 85940-90k05

    I think my relay is burnt out. If anyone has a used one kicking around I'm definitely interested. Will pay shipping to Toronto, Canada M6E 2W2. It's going in a 1988 BJ74. Cheers
  8. tlaporte

    For Sale SOLD - OEM Intermittent Wiper Switch and Knob

    Switch is Part Number 84652-60330, and the knob is 84651-20032 (for completeness sake, the bolt is part number 90984-01007) Appropriate for 8/80-9/84 40-series Landcruisers Three positions: intermittent, low, and high Can be used with modified wiper motor, or with relay from a 60-series, to give...
  9. J

    Wanted Wiper Linkage and/or Plastic Retainer

    I am looking for the long wiper linkage and the two plastic retainers that go with it (picture #1) or one plastic retainer (only need 1 round plastic retainer shown in picture #2 and I would repair my existing long wiper linkage) Jeff
  10. bwakeling

    Large Rear Wiper Nut Removal

    Is there a secret to removing the large nut that is exposed once the rear wiper arm is removed? Just turns and turns and turns. Repainting the rear hatch so trying remove it without pulling the entire mechanism on the inside.
  11. B

    windshield wiper insert part number?

    Hey guys, I'm trying to get new wiper inserts and I'm trying to get the right parts. It looks like the left and right side are different and from the Toyota parts website they are 85214A and 85214B. However, I cannot find the rear wiper blade diagram or part number at all. It is also difficult...
  12. D

    Wanted wiper assembly

    I am in need of a wiper assembly. I have a tank and the electronic clip on the windshield so I guess I need a motor and wiper assembly. Thanks, Pat
  13. Dudleyfj40

    For Sale Early Wiper Assembly

    Left over from build. Non working. This has wires off the brushes and motor bolts missing. Rubber spacers included. $80 shipped CONUS
  14. N

    OEM wiper blade is NWB

    Just wanted to share this. NWB: Nippon Wiper Blade These wiper blades are the OEM for Toyota. It will not stick to glass even with a very light rain. Wipes smoothly and streak free. If you find any OEM wiper blade still in the truck (mosly likely the rear), you will find NWB embossed on the...
  15. T

    Windshield wiper interval too fast

    The slowest available windshield wiper setting on my '06 LC results in a wiper interval that is way too fast for 90% of rain situations, which requires me to cycle the wipers on and off constantly. Is this normal? If not, what could be the cause?
  16. D

    Wanted wanted fj40 wiper assembly

    motor as well

    Looking for inside wiper seal, metal split ring

    I was putting together the knuckle rebuild last night and noticed I am missing parts included in the FSM diagram. I bought a rebuild kit and assumed they would be included. First, I'm taking about the back side of the knuckle assembly. I'm missing the metal split ring, that is supposed to be...
  18. RayRay27

    Front Wiper Assembly Repair

    I have spent most of the morning searching through about 500 threads on wiper repair and I still cannot find an answer. I have also checked google as well. My question is, how difficult is it to repair or remove the front wiper assembly linkage? Like a dummy, my driver side wiper was frozen...
  19. SandiaFJ40

    Wanted Wiper Motor for '75 FJ40...

    Looking for a working wiper motor for a '75 40 series... If you have one please post or PM me a pic. Thanks!
  20. SW20

    For Sale 1971 FJ40 Wiper Arms and Blades (SoCal)

    This came with a 1971 FJ40 Parts vehicle I no longer have. It was never installed on the vehicle but was wrapped together on the passenger side seat so I assumed it is for a 1971. Looks to be in good condition, no dents, but has the usual scuffs. Comes with everything you see. $65 plus...
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