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  1. James Madigan

    SOLD  Early FJ40 wiper motor set. PA

    "early FJ40 wiper motor unit $350 All cleaned up and greased and runs fine.]
  2. Drake2

    Wiper motor rebuild (worst one ever)

    I received this wiper motor in a crate of miscellaneous cruiser parts that were shipped over from California. At first glance I thought "ok, this is toast" and I was on my way to the scrap bin when I remembered that I don't scrap any cruiser part unless it is absolutely 100% totally useless...
  3. BellyoftheBeast

    1970 FJ40 wiper motor and assembly

    I just purchased a 1970 FJ40. It has top mounted, hand-moveable wipers. There is a loose wire dangling, but no wiper motor or any hardware to attach to the wipers. I have looked at parts dealers and went through a lot of threads in this forum. It looks like these motors and assemblies are hard...
  4. alohamade

    SOLD  1968-1974 Wiper Motor & Link Assembly

    IN HAWAIʻI $50 + shipping. also, I will probably need to disassemble linkage to a point to get it in a reasonable box. Your call I have never tested, came with my rig, everything looks good. I can send more pictures if you want.
  5. AlexMoore91

    Wanted  WANTED: 74' FJ40 WIPER MOTOR - BOISE, ID

    NEED 74' WIPER MOTOR... Don't want to turn this into a long thread on fixing mine, but if you have any ideas, here is my problem... I was having some electrical issues with my wiper motor, where it would immediately blow a fuse upon turning the ignition key to the on position. I took it to the...

    Slow windows and wipers on FJ62

    Just got done with some engine work to the rig, now I’m onto addressing the windows and wipers. Not sure exactly where to start but the windows are slow and the wipers are even slower. Any help appreciated. 1989 FJ62
  7. B

    78 FJ40 Wiper Motor Alternative

    The park switch on my stock motor was not working. I started to restore it and found one of the copper leaf contactors under the gear housing was broken. During that time I did some research on a aftermarket wiper motor. I found that one guy used a 00-04 Volve S40 wiper motor but it looked like...
  8. alohamade

    SOLD  FJ40 Wiper Motor & Link Assembly 1968-1974

    WINDSHIELD WIPER MOTOR ASSEMBLY 1968-1974 Wiper Motor & Link Assembly or so I think. I don't know if it works, the plastic connector is cracked but the wires all look solid, I can send more pictures if needed. Price: $200 + Shipping- PM me, first come first serve
  9. Borrego

    87 FJ60 - Winshield wiper park switch

    Hey guys, I just added a 87 FJ60 to the fleet. It's awesome! I love it! There are some minor issues with it, but nothing a little TLC can't fix. One of the issues is, on occasion, the windshield wipers won't park. This is intermittent. Sometimes they work flawlessly, and other times, high works...
  10. AllLC

    Help, 1999 Wiper motor bad sound, now no wipers.

    I've got around 150K on my 1999 TLC. The wipers have been making a bad sound for some time. I'm not sure if it was the motor or the linkage. Well in the first hour of a 16 hour drive it started raining and the wipers finally quit. I haven't checked the fuse yet simply because if the fuse is bad...
  11. Paraglider

    How to remove entire windshield wiper motor and arms

    This pertains to a 40 series Landcruiser. Having just done this and not having found a coherent post about how to do it (i.e., part here and part there and no part anyhere), I thought this might be helpful for others who knew as little as I did before I started. Adam, from Chula Vista, CA, and...
  12. G

    wiper motor wire identification

    I have been trying to figure out why my wipers aren't turning off, and I think I might have found the culprit. There are 2 wires that look like ground wires on my wiper motor mount plate. The one that is supposed to go through the firewall is stripped/cut/dangling now. Does anybody know where...
  13. SandiaFJ40

    Wanted  Wiper Motor for '75 FJ40...

    Looking for a working wiper motor for a '75 40 series... If you have one please post or PM me a pic. Thanks!
  14. C

    Seeking a wiper motor solution for '67 FJ45

    Working on a FJ45 wagon and trying to find a wiper motor that mounts under the dash. Its missing. Anyone have any ideas where to find one or perhaps a solution as to another one that will work? Thanks in advance!
  15. Skrewball

    Convert 24V Wiper Motor to 12V.

    Couldn't find a 12V wiper motor for a 70 series very easily, so i looked at alternatives. I noticed that the motor portion on an FJ60 looked identical to what i had on the BJ75. Since I'm no electric motor specialist, i did some internet searching to see what the main difference between a...
  16. 1

    Anyone Ever Take a Wiper Motor Apart For a 79 +/- a Couple of Years

    If you've taken a wiper motor apart please take a look at my post at 3:31 on Monday and provide some feedback. Something besides "boy are you screwed" would be helpful. Need Help With Another Part Identification
  17. 65swb45

    For Sale  Section 169- 75-77FJ40 wiper motor cover, gasket, screws,SoCal

    Good used parts. Four or five colors to choose from. $100 shipped. No PMs please.
  18. bluehawk

    Windshield Wiper Question

    After getting everything back together on the 60, I have no functioning windshield wiper. When I turn them on, I can hear the motor and it sounds I can hear it wanting to move the arms but they don't move. Any ideas on what to do or look for?
  19. JohnnyC

    Wiper Contact Covers

    The wiper auto stop cover for 68-74 (single upper wiper motor) has been discontinued for some time now Part number: COVER, WINDSHIELD WIPER MOTOR AUTO STOP SWITCH 85146-60070 I have a decent one to copy... however the copy wasn't too good so I had to build from scratch Since I was going...
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