1. firewalker

    Front E-locker will not engage question

    hello all, My front e-locker will not engage. I use them regularly and both axles have always quickly locked and unlocked. A week ago when I turned the lockers off the front would not unlock. I turned off the center diff lock and drove in circles forward and backward until it finally...
  2. J

    Please help!!! What parts from '83 FJ60 will fit '84 BJ60?

    Ok so I found a scrap donor truck for my diesel 84 bj60 and wanted to ask if the following stuff would fit. Donor is a 2f fj60 1983 4 speed manual on 33 inch tires The bj is diesel 3b motor with a fj40 4speed transmission with one piece transfer or so I am told. Here are the parts I want...
  3. F

    Trying to figure out if 4runner wheels will fir on FJ80

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to the form and it's my first post. Im trying to figure out if the new 2016-2017 4Runner wheels will fit on my 1995 FJ80. Any information will be helpful. THanks in advance!
  4. L

    60 shut off. Will not start.

    I've had a succession of problems withstarting. It cranks fine. When it fist did not start I let it sit overnight then tried carberator spray and it started right up. I changed fuel filter although there was no obvious gunk in filter. Then a week later it was idling and shut off. It was parked...
  5. M

    18x8.5 +10: Widest Rubber That Will Clear?

    Looking to run the Enkei ST6 in 18 x 8.5 (+10 offset). Any thoughts on largest rubber I can clear? Originally wanted to go with a 315 but realize that just might not be in the cards given the offset... Lift will be OME 2.5 inch or equivalent. Here's a link to the wheels: ST6 | Enkei Wheels
  6. btbowie

    For Sale WTB: 3rd Gen 4Runner. Well cared for, low mileage. (In VA but will travel.)

    Hey Everyone, I sold my Land Cruiser last week fully intending to get into a Tacoma build, but plans have fizzled a bit due to prices being slightly insane so I've started looking at 3rd gen Runners for now. Aside from some outliers it seems like I should be able to nail one down for a...
  7. Nader

    Will I need new springs?

    This is the clearance between the front axle and bumpstop on my '76 resting on level ground. I think everything is stock. Looks tight, huh? It's maybe an inch, if that. I don't mind having an excuse to buy new parts :).
  8. mrq

    Will a '95 front bumper fit on my '94?

    Hi, all! Will a front bumper from a '95 Land Cruiser fit on my '94? My bumper has a bunch of paint chips, and I want it either painted or replaced. There's a bumper from a 1995 Land Cruiser for sale on Craigslist for $100. That would be WAY cheaper than re-painting mine. Thank you!
  9. Randy88FJ62

    Will a FJ62 Diff fit into a 97 FZJ80 FF axle? Will splines be the same?

    Swapping in a full float axle this weekend along with chevy springs. Need to know if my diff with ARB will fit with no issues on a newer FZJ80 FF axle. Need to make sure splines on axles shafts from axle also match FJ62 diff splines....
  10. B

    Which Rear Mudflaps will work on my 96?

    Hi everyone. I'm the owner of a new-to-me 1996 Land Cruiser, which I am trying to piece back together. Some things were missing or broken, and one that I am a bit confused on is the correct part number for the rear mudguards. In various searches, I have come across a few different part numbers...
  11. Marleyws

    What didnI just buy? How will this get me closer to disk brakes?

    I have read a bunch of threads and until Inactually do it I wont understand. Bought this axle locally will be at my house on Sunday. Can you help me understand what I will need to make this work on my stock 1970 Keep in mind this is my first experience with "birfs", boosters, and proportioning...
  12. racevws

    Will dry ice ruin a bearing race?

    Totally random question, but if any of you guys are materials/ engineer guys, I would like to know if I cool my wheel bearing races in dry ice prior to dropping them in the hubs (as opposed to pounding them in), will it reduce their hardness after they come up to temperature? Also, will...
  13. landonridge

    Will a 15" wheel/tire work on a stock 96 FJ80?

    Just wanted to see if anyone knew if a 15" wheel and tire would work on a stock 96' Fj80?
  14. B

    I am afraid roof rack will not fit my gargage door.

    I am thinking about getting a roof rack, but my gargare seem to be low. Does anyone have problem with the roof rack on and cant get into the gargage?
  15. cruisertom

    For Sale FJ62 rear axle will separate 4.11s

    Disassembled for spring over, never got around to finishing project. Will ship individual components on your dime, backing plates are pretty well shot. $150 complete. $100 for 4.11 diff, $75 for both axle shafts. Located 1.5hrs south of Chicago.
  16. E

    Best onroad lighting option that will work in a TJM T-13 bull bar?

    Hi, I have a 99 Land Cruiser and compared to my daily driver (2005 Acura TL) I absolutely hate the headlights. Once you get used to good HID's, going back to halogens is painful. I am purchasing a TJM T-13 bull bar bumper in a couple weeks, and planned on putting some good lights in the...
  17. bucketman

    Leaking birf with trip coming up next week- will it last?

    I crawled under the cruiser to do some pre trip inspection and found a bunch of grease leaking from the birf. 3 weeks ago it looked fine, but now... My wife has been using it as her daily driver for less than 10 miles a day and we have been in the mountain snow a couple times since my last look...
  18. sammybones

    Will these steelies fit my 04?

    I need some help from the experts. Will these fit?
  19. R

    Will a '79 tailgate fit a '70 FJ40?

    I've been on the lookout for a drop down tailgate for my '70 FJ40, but those babies just don't seem to pop up on craigslist very often, and when they do...$$$$$. I found a nice looking gate from a '79, and I'm hoping it'll either fit or can be made to fit with a bit of hinge relocation work...
  20. Tezmac

    Will it fit in the garage? Check my math!

    Up front, I promised I searched! I have an early 70 with pretty flat leaves which I believe are original. I'd like to replace the suspension and lift it, but I don't know how much it's currently sagging, and I'd like to make sure that it's still going to fit in my garage afterward. It is...
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