1. Durangogrl32

    For Sale Little Rock, Arkansas 1997 Landcruiser $12000

    This baby is ready for off-roading. I bought it for a bug out vehicle and also to do expedition camping in Western U.S., but I ruptured a disk in my back and can't do what I used to do. It has lift kit, wench, grill guard, snorkel, and light bar but I haven't wired that up yet. The seats are...
  2. inneedofan80

    Wanted 94-97 White, Triple-Locked in CA

    As the post says, looking for a White FZJ80 in California. Must be triple locked and years 1995-1997 (with airbag) . Been looking everywhere, help me end the search. Shoot me a text, call me or message me. Please let me know. -John 949-922-4o81
  3. inneedofan80

    Wanted 95-97 FZJ80 White

    Hey, I have been searching Craigslist, eBay, Bat, here, everywhere for an 80 for a couple weeks now. This will be my first Land Cruiser so I’m just trying to find the right one, thought I’d post here cause haven’t had any luck and this looks like a great community. I’m looking for a 1995-97...
  4. TXBruiser

    Wanted White 80 Series Tailgate TX, CO, LA, UT, OK... RI, Boston, NH, ME

    Looking for a used White 80 series tailgate. I live in Texas, but willing to drive to LA or OK to pickup. Ill also be roadtripping through Colorado and Utah in August/September and could meet you for pickup. Also going to be flying to RI in July/August and driving to Arcadia, so if your in...
  5. yonah

    I've joined the club - 2011 LC (white/tan)

    My 2011's current state - this will be updated as I find time to very slowly modify and tinker with the truck to fit my needs: --- Quick links to completed modifications and doodads: Interior organization: BROG 100-series LC Attic (JAN/18) BROG MOLLE Visor Organizer (JAN/18) BROG Seat...
  6. MauricioR

    Rough idling and white smoke 1HD-T

    Hi guys, I just ended rebuilding my 1HD-T and everything was timed correctly but it has a rough idling and smokes white badly. I tried moving the pump some degrees to the passenger side (my car is LHD) and some degrees to the driver side and same thing... Something very important to add is that...
  7. J

    For Sale 2001 LC, 125k, white/tan for sale

    I have a 2001 with 125k, no rust Florida truck. White with tan leather, navigation, center diff lock, hitch, rack, old Man emu coils, rear air, third row. Just had timing belt and water pump done at Toyota. New Toyota battery. Good tires (31") and brakes. Needs nothing. Leather shows some wear...
  8. dr_dobro

    For Sale SOLD 0 rust 94 80 series body NY

    Have a beautiful white 1994 carcass in Long Island NY, not a spec of rust. Would like to get $350 for it
  9. M

    Toyota Cream'iest White

    I've been reading many threads and looking at pictures, still not sure which Toyota White color code out of the following has the most creamy shade: Cygnus White (T12) Olympus White (T1453) White (031) White (033) Looking for white that is most creamy for the BODY ... ...... and also looking...
  10. aggiepaintrain

    For Sale Texas 06 White 79k $21k 1 owner not mine

    Price is good, minor wreck on carfax. Tires are bald, leather looks iffy. Used 2006 Toyota Land Cruiser in Dallas, TX 75252 - 457184089 - Autotrader
  11. shmukster

    For Sale Front flares 91FJ80 white in PA

    Selling a pair of front fender flares I believe these came from a 92 FJ80. In any event the part numbers are 53848-60010 and 53087-60010. These are in good shape no cracks minor scuffing. All the mounting studs and holes look to be intact. Located in northeastern PA. Price $90 for the pair. I...
  12. ewillis

    White Knuckle 66.5" or 69"?

    Bout to place the order. Need to determine if I want to go 66.5 (easy for mud flap retention) or 69 (full coverage). Looking for pics of a lifted 80 with either. Specifically, if anyone has the 69" with notched mudflaps that would be much appreciated. TIA...:beer:
  13. R.K.

    Wanted Stock white spoke steel wheels

    Looking for a set of four or five stock white spoke steel wheels from a '79 and later FJ40 or mini truck. In or near NC would be nice.
  14. Placemotorsports

    Wanted 2003+ white "Land Cruiser" tailgate emblem

    Want to update my 2000 to the newer style
  15. riffman12

    Builds The White Whale - '97 FZJ80 build

    I'll use this thread to document my slow build. My plan is to build an overland rig that I can still drive daily. Nothing too crazy but I want it baselined and capable while still being comfortable enough to get to work. Some of you may have seen my thread when I first bought the FZJ. 155k...
  16. jatree

    craigslist 1995 80 in Portland, 232k miles, white

    Not sure if any issues and it's a salvage title but doesn't look half bad in the pictures...and good price depending.. 1995 Toyota Land Cruiser Has anyone called on this or checked it out?
  17. P

    Parting Out 2000 LX470 White Pearl - Houston, TX

    I recently bought an '00 White Pearl LX470 from a fellow IH8mudder to get it's recently rebuilt transmission. The LX was sandwiched in an accident which damaged the front bumper, front bumper support, and rear bumper. The vehicle is fairly complete and it actually drives real nice. Mileage is...
  18. rubicondon53

    White Rim Trail Trip Report..

    My soninlaw Gresh bought a new 4runner Trail, on my recommendation, (I must add that he is a JKU convert), to begin his families off-road overlanding adventures and me being me, was bound and determined to break him in right, with a trip to Moab and the White Rim Trail, then down to the Needles...
  19. rctoyota

    Wanted 93-94 white LF fender flare

    Hi, looking for a clean looking factory white left front fender flare for 93-94. As I have found 95 to 97 have different mounting points. please pm me if one is available for sale. thank you
  20. Javelin

    Anyone running Slee skids with White Knuckle Sliders?

    Just pulled the trigger on a set of slee steel skids. Wondering if I'll have to notch the belly pan skid in order to clear the ubolts. Anyone have this setup? How was the install? Thanks!
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