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  1. S

    Preventing rust spread-FJ62

    I’ve noticed over the last two months I’ve got some patches of rust that have started to develop in my rear wheel wells. I want to get on top of it and stop it from spreading. Any ideas or recommendations?
  2. Krondor

    FREE Old Wheel Well metal

    Hey Guys, I cut my old wheel wells out of my '65 FJ40. There are some decent sections That could probably be used to repair someones 40. Let me know your reason why you need them and they can be yours with shipping. If you have a good enough reason, I will pay for the shipping! All I ask is you...
  3. C

    73 series lx landcruiser 87'

    Does anyone have any information on replacing the front inner wheel well on my 73 series lx landcruiser 87'? I heard wheel wells from 75 series are compatible? Attached images are of the damage.
  4. rustybucket

    cutting the cab in half welding on back panel. The rust in the wheel well frame dilema

    Has anyone ever done this before? Cut the cab just in front of the wheel wells and welded in some kind of back panel that gives the fj6o a truck look and attached a aluminum box? What would cost more in labor and part? Doing this or repairing both inner/outer wheel wells and quarter panels...
  5. D

    Wanted Gray Carpet / wheel well vinyl

    fj62: Looking for carpet in good condition for the rear cargo area , the entire vechile and the vinyl wheel well covers.
  6. lelandEOD

    ABS Wheel well liners for 40???

    I've got what I think is a great idea rattling around in my head but don't have the skills to make it happen. It seems to me the Achilles heel of these trucks is debris and road grime collecting around the rear sill area and rollbar supports. Has anyone ever experimented with making a set of...
  7. myquestoyota

    SOLD Real Steel wheel well patches

    I have a pair of the real steel patches I won't be using. They are $160 a pair from real steel I'm asking $125 plus shipping for these. Wheel well opening patch 1965-84 - Real Steel Cruiser Parts
  8. TeCKis300

    Trimming Wheel Well for Larger Tires

    I'm getting ready to have my 305/55/20's (33.2"x12.5") mounted tomorrow. I know there will be just a tad of kissing of the tires to wheel well liners at the front deflector and trailing mud flap. Wanted to see pics of what you guys have done. As a reference, I will be using my stock 20" LX570...
  9. BJrusty

    Wanted FJ60/62 rear wheel wells/fenders

    My BJ60's rear wheel wells are so rusty I was able to pull the upper part of the rear seat out without unbolting anything. So I'm looking for a rust free set of inner and outer rear wheel wells/fenders (all the way to the dog leg, if possible). I live in Jefferson, Oregon, if the price is right...
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