wheel spacers

  1. JunkCrzr89

    Wanted  1” wheel spacers, 6x5.5 hub-centric

    Looking for a set of four hub-centric 1” wheel spacers, 6 x 5.5, with 106mm bore. Preferably Bora but open to others as well. Thanks!
  2. ARCruiser89

    Will these spacers fit 2000 LC front and rear hubs?

    Link Thanks in advance for any help!
  3. F80FJ

    For Sale  Spidertrax 1.5” 80 series wheel spacers Boston, MA

    Hi, I bought these back in mid-sept from Slee for $242 tax and shipping. Worked perfect. No wobbles and significantly improved the looks and handling (might be in my head) of my 95 LC. I’m including everything. Nearly new 1.5” spidertrax Spacers, bolts to install, original boxes and...
  4. stevebradford

    Throw away the wheel spacers, IFS hubs to widen your front axle.

    A better option than wheel spacers you use ifs front hubs wich space the wheel further out the hub than solid axle hubs. Nets you about 3 inches wider than stock. Still the same amount of increased wear on your knuckle bearings but definitely better setup than wheel spacers. And you get a slip...
  5. 084runnerltd

    Wheel Spacer Questions...

    I am sure this has been answered somewhere in the forum, but when searching I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for... 1). I am looking to add spacers to my 99, which is running 285 Duratracs. I don’t want them to look like those stupid diesel pickups with their wheels spaced out 6”...
  6. Miljack

    Wanted  Wheel spacers for 100 5*150 1.25" or?

    Looking to buy a set of spacers to mount some Rock Warriors on a 100, open to options. Would prefer a "name" brand set. I'm in the Charlotte, NC area.
  7. Jonbdawg

    Wanted  Wheel spacers

    looking for wheel spacers for 91 fj80. Thanks jon
  8. tlin

    Wheel spacers and aftermarket light upgrades - 2-for-1 thread....

    @Chuy and I had a quick discussion over on the local Az group board concerning spacers to possibly help stabilize the ride via a slightly wider stance. Anyone here done this for that specific reason (I know some go with spacers to accommodate different wheels)? If so, please share some...
  9. R

    For Sale  5x150 1.5" Wheel Spacers

    Sorry all, I didn't know if I should put this in the Axle/Suspension thread or here... I recently bought 2 sets (4) 1.5" spacers from NITROGEAR for $280. turns out I didn't like the look with my stock wheels. I only had them for a week... were on my 100 series for 3 days before I took them...
  10. akarilo

    BORA 1" Wheel Spacers (these are really nice)

    Nothing new here, just wheel spacers. That being said I just had to show these off to anybody who hasn't seen spacers from BORA. I originally bought a set of 4 wheel centric spacers that were really nice, but despite the claim that they fit my '99 LX, the fronts wouldn't clear the drive...
  11. E

    For Sale  1/2" Wheel Spacers

    I bought these from ezaccesory.com (item#: 603XL) and ended up not needing them. They are brand new, never mounted. I paid 28.99+ shipping. Would like to get $20+ shipping.
  12. -uhuru-

    Longer studs for wheel spacers

    I am looking for longer studs so that I can tighten a 1.25" thick wheel spacer correctly. The factory studs are not long enough for the spacer threads to tighten properly. Can't find them through Dorman or other manufacturers. I need a 52mm length stud...
  13. FloydtheDog

    Wheel Spacers for '95 80 & Late Model 4Runner/FJC Wheels

    I have a 1995 80 series. I purchased a set of the late model 4Runner Trail / FJ Cruiser 8 hole 17x7.5 wheels because I like the look and additional tire options that the 17" size affords. I currently have the wheels mounted directly on the rig without the center caps and I'm scheduled to get...
  14. Stumpalama

    For Sale  [VA] Spidertrax 1.25" Wheel Spacers

    I have a set of 1.25" wheel spacers that were run for about a year. They are model # WHS007 and will fit on the rears of drum brake 40's, 60's (and maybe 80's), 4runners, minitrucks as well as the following, 07+ FJ Cruiser, 96- Current 4Runner, 01- Current Tacoma and 00-06 Tundra. They won't fit...
  15. Msbrown

    Wanted  100 Series Wheel Spacers

    Looking for 100 series 1.25'' Spidertrax spacers, or Bora spacers.
  16. Juan Munoz

    For Sale  Spidertrax 1.5" wheel spacers FZJ80

    I have up for sale 4 Spidertrax wheel spacers with hardware. Only been used for a few months, just selling because I'm selling my wheels. I only take paypal, items will be shipped via UPS signature required. 70$ per pair, Obo Paid for all 4 200$ + shipping when new Thanks
  17. STGLX470

    LX470 wheel spacers-disadvantages?

    Hello! I'm considering purchasing 1.25" hub centric wheel spacers for my lx470. I don't like that when I'm out playing (especially on rocks) I can't see where I'm placing my front wheel even when I'm hanging out the window. Are there any major disadvantages to adding spacers to my rig? I don't...
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