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    ABS, VSC Trac, VSC Off, Brake Lights on with ABS alarm.

    So I have read through quite a few other posts of people experiencing a very similar problem, but I was able to get a phone video of mine on the lead up and as it was occurring. I have a 2000 LC. My dash lights have now come on twice in the morning on my way to work and have shut back off...
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    Fix for ABS, VSC TRAC, VSC OFF, & Brake lights remain on no CEL, or how to repair an ECU

    Hopefully this post saves you some money by showing you how to potentially repair your skid control ECU rather than replacing/buying a new/used one (skid control ECU part # 89540-60160). These instructions do require the ability to solder surface mount components and use either an oscilloscope...
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